1963 Chevrolet Corvette - Back From The Wilds

One-Owner '63 Endured Years Of Neglect Before Frame-Off Resto

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Data File: '63 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray coupe
Owned by Arnold and Sydney Yuen, Frisco, California

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Restored original production '63 Sting Ray coupe body
Restored by: Classic Cars LTD., Spokane, Washington
Replacement parts: '66-vintage coupe body "birdcage"
Paint: A repaint in the original RPO 941 Sebring Silver color
Painting & prep: Classic Cars LTD., Spokane, Washington

Restored production '63 Sting Ray, with original frame
Restored by: Classic Cars LTD., Spokane, Washington
Suspension: Restored '63 Sting Ray four-wheel independent suspension (Front) Coil springs with upper/lower A-arms, anti-sway bar and tubular Delco shock absorbers (Rear) Independent rear suspension with lateral struts, radius rods, transverse leaf spring bundle and tubular Delco shock absorbers
Steering: Restored GM/Saginaw "quick ratio" recirculating ball, non-power-assisted
Brakes: Restored RPO J65 GM Delco drum-and-shoe brakes with sintered-metallic linings, non-power-assisted
Wheels: Cast-aluminum 15x6-inch "knock-off" wheels with three-prong spinners and '63-style as-cast finish
Tires: Big O "Eurotour" whitewalls, 205/75R15 all around

Modified Chevrolet overhead-valve small-block V8, cast-iron block, RPO L76
Engine modified/built by: California Street Machines, Suisun City, California
Modifications: Block bored .030-inch over/magnafluxed, JE custom forged pistons, 427-style oil pump, double-row timing chain, anti-surge oil pan
Displacement: 332 cubic inches
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Cylinder heads: Modified OEM Chevrolet cast iron, casting #3782461(Magnafluxed, ported, polished; CC'd and fitted with hardened valve seats and bronze valve guides).
Ignition: OEM GM/Delco points-style ignition with Delco distributor (#1111024)
Induction: OEM Carter AFB four-barrel carburetor (#3826004) atop original aluminum intake manifold
Camshaft: Solid lifter
Exhaust: Reproduction OEM Corvette dual exhaust system with cast-iron manifolds and steel pipes
Horsepower: 340 @ 6,000 rpm (advertised)
Torque: 344 ft-lb @ 4400 rpm (advertised)

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Restored original Borg-Warner T-10, close ratio (RPO M20). A restored original shifter with reverse lock-out T-handle has replaced Hurst shifter seen in photos.
Rearend: Original '63 Sting Ray with fixed differential containing 3.70 rear gears and RPO G81 Positraction, plus U-jointed half shafts

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Restored original '63 Sting Ray coupe
Restored by: Craig Nichols Restoration Services, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Seats: Restored '63 Sting Ray red vinyl buckets
Carpets: Reproduction '63 Sting Ray red nylon loop-pile
Instrumentation: Restored original '63 Sting Ray (0-160 mph speedometer, 0-7000 rpm tach with 6300 rpm redline, plus ammeter, oil pressure, coolant temperature and fuel level gauges)
Sound system: Restored original RPO U65 GM/Delco signal-seeking AM radio with single speaker
Heater: OEM GM-Harrison heater-defroster
A/C: None




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