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2000 Chevrolet Corvette - The End Of The Road

Corvette Fever Says Goodbye To Project C5X

Alan L. Colvin Apr 22, 2010
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It seems hard to believe that it's been almost 2 1/2 years ago when we launched Project C5X right here in the pages of Corvette Fever. The totally stock Torch Red LS1 equipped coupe was purchased from in Atlanta and was slowly transformed into a serious but tractable street car. From the very inception of the project, we wanted the car to be instantly noticeable wherever we traveled, and I believe the final design we settled on was the best of both worlds; sharp enough to not be ignored but not over-the-top just for the sake of being seen.

Corp_1005_01 2000_chevrolet_corvette 2/16

Due to liability issues, the car was owned and primarily sponsored by Mid America Motorworks. I have known Mike Yager for many years now, long before I took over as editor of Corvette Fever, and this project was an outgrowth of our friendship. While you can always look back on a project of this magnitude and see things that could have been done better, what remains are the relationships you establish and strengthen along the way. Mike Yager and his staff have always been close friends of mine, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them on Project C5X. Corvette Fever has been blessed to have great relationships with all of our sponsors for the project, and I want to personally say thanks to all of them publically. They have also been listed below. We couldn't have made this Corvette what it is without all of your help.

Geoff Skorupa and his team at Next level Performance also deserve a great big kudos for all the work they did on Project C5X. Basically every nut and bolt that was turned on the car mechanically excluding the Pfadt sway bars (installed by Aaron Pfadt) was performed at Next Level Performance. A project this big doesn't happen without a great shop to depend on, and NLP is one of the best in the business. Thanks, guys!

At this year's Mid America's Funfest, Project C5X was proudly displayed for the last time, and the new owner flew in to take part in the festivities so I was able to meet him there. His name is Roger Less and he is from Boulder, Colorado. He originally saw Project C5X at the 15th Anniversary at the NCM, where he had caravanned into the event from Colorado in his '96 Grand Sport and eventually walked over to the car in the Mid America Motorworks booth. He later told me he was just really impressed with how nicely the car had been done. In fact, the car just kept "talking" to him. Eventually someone from the Mid America staff threw him the keys and said let's take it for a spin. Roger relates, "I was already in love with the looks of the car, but after experiencing the power and handling of Project C5X, I just knew I had to buy it." Roger says the car attracts a crowd whenever he shows it. Hey Roger, I know the feeling! I'm sorry to see the project end, but it's been a great ride!



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