Garages For Corvette Collectors Continued

This Well-Equipped Scranton, Pennsylvania, Garage Was Well Worth The Wait

Alan L. Colvin Feb 2, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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By The Numbers Garage Specs
• 50' x 100' stand alone garage
• 5000 square feet
• 12' ceiling height
• Display area has parking for 12 to 14 cars
• Display and work area are each 2100 square feet
• Den area measures 800 square feet
• 3 separate concrete driveways for access to the 3 overhead doors

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• Building is 12" concrete block covered with finished stone
• Trusses are 2" x 6"
• Interior wall are 5/8" fire-code drywall with steel studs
• The two front windows are constructed of 6" thick opaque glass

• 1 - 10' x 10'
• 1 - 9' x 8'
• 1 - 10' x 16'
• All doors are 2" thick steel/foam/steel fully insulated with vinyl perimeter seals. There are no windows in the doors for added security. All doors are equipped with electric door openers.

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• The floor contains a moisture barrier on compacted stone. The moisture barrier is covered with a 6" concrete slab reinforced with rebar. The floor in the display area is covered with industrial grade, wall-to-wall carpeting. The floor in the den area is covered with interior wall-to-wall carpeting with heavy padding.

• 16 Halogen overhead lights throughout the display and work areas. The den is illuminated with indirect lighting except for the pool table area, which uses an 8' four bulb fluorescent pool table light.

• 225-amp service with 220 for the air compressor. Wall outlets are located every six feet throughout the garage and den area according to code. Outlets are located every 2 feet at the workbench area.
• Cable television hookups in the den area.
• Internet hookups throughout the entire garage.
• Ceiling fans located at regular intervals throughout the garage and den areas

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Heating and Cooling
• Heating for the garage provided by 2 Modine High Efficiency II units each delivering 175,000 BTU's mounted in the ceiling in both areas. Both are controlled by thermostats and are zoned separately.
• Air Conditioning for the den and display areas is provided by 2 Fujitsu IAQ 300,000 BTU central air systems. The A/C systems have built-in electrostatic air cleaning systems. The work area is non-air conditioned.

• The garage is equipped with electronic sensors on each entry and overhead door along with motion detectors located in each area of the interior. The system monitors any loss of power and automatically notifies the security-company and appropriate authorities.


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