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This Well-Equipped Scranton, Pennsylvania, Garage Was Well Worth The Wait

Alan L. Colvin Feb 2, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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The work area of the garage is approximately 2100 square feet, where any type of repair from a simple tune-up to a complete restoration can be performed. It is equipped with an Eagle hydraulic lift with 7000-pound capacity. In addition to the lift there is also a bead blaster, steam cleaner, welding machine and torch sets. Complete sets of hand and air tools complete the tool inventory. A 7hp compressor provides the air for the garage with a 60-gallon tank delivering 175psi. Air ports are located at regular intervals throughout the work area. Electrical outlets are also located every 6 feet throughout the entire garage and at every 2 feet around the workbench areas. The entire work area also has full Internet access points. This is useful when the need arises to locate that hard-to-find part.

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Sixteen Halogen overhead lights provide light for the entire garage. Security is provided by electronic sensors on each entry and overhead door along with motion detectors located in each area of the garage. To date, four frame-off restorations have been completed in the work area and yet another restoration was underway this past winter for a friend on his 1960 Corvette. It's safe to say that Tom's garage is a working man's garage even though it houses one of Pennsylvania's premier Corvette collections.




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