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A "Second Career" Garage Nestled In The Woods Of North Carolina

Alan L. Colvin Dec 29, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Additional thought was put into having easy access to electrical power. There are many power outlets installed on each wall, both close to the floor level at about two feet, and then additional outlets at four feet off the ground. The thought was in a garage, you can't have too many outlets for easy access to power.

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Along with the electrical access, a lot of thought was put into the lighting for the structure inside. Dual tube eight-foot florescent lights were installed throughout. These provide excellent lighting in each space. Some additional track lights were added in the ceiling of the "show" side so that they could be moved and positioned on certain cars and memorabilia that are on display there. In the work space, a 7,000-pound capacity Stinger four-post lift was installed. The optional castors were purchased with the lift and allow for easy movement of it throughout the garage.

Car projects range from simple repairs to a frame-off restoration of the previously mentioned '72 454 convertible, which has won numerous trophies and NCRS Top Flight status. A recently completed project was the frame-on restoration of a Marina Blue '67 big-block coupe that is now a recreation of one of the few 67' L89s ever built. This last project in the garage became the source for many great evenings and days spent working on the car with family and friends. Their son's wife, Anna, helped out on it as well and completes this family affair. Rob also credits the help of friends like Kyle Wilson, Dave Hitchens, Tom Buddy, Mark Shellberg and many others that came by the garage for the success on the car. Many evenings and weekends find the Harpers and friends pursuing their hobby in the garage. The Harpers are enjoying seeing old cars reborn and new Corvette enthusiasts created!

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Corvettes in the Harper collection include:
1956 - Current project undergoing a frame-off restoration. Black/ Silver cove/Red interior car. 225 HP dual quad car with manual three-speed. It is now at Rick Osborne's shop, Coastal Corvettes in Ash, NC and is receiving paint and body work.

1960 - Red/White cove/Black interior four-speed car. Car was a high horse car, with the 6,500-rpm redline tach. Nice driver and used for local cruising.

1967 - 427/435 Marina blue Coupe, "Project L89." Rob built this car from a NOM '67 coupe after buying a motor/intake/carbs off a '69 L89 and the goal was to build a fairly accurate recreation of a '67 L89. Rob had a relatively small budget in mind and he really wanted to feel what it was like to drive one of the rarest Vettes ever produced. The paint and body was recently finished by Scott Lawrence at Phoenix Restorations in Kernersville, NC.

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1967 - all original 427/390 horsepower Marina Blue convertible. This car has 33,000 unrestored miles and still has its original paint, interior and drivetrain. It has received several Top Flight awards and is currently still being shown and judged.

1972 - Targa Blue LS-5 convertible that is fully loaded and received a complete frame off nut and bolt restoration. This Vette has the standard blue interior, four-speed, air conditioning, and a complete list of additional options. Upon completion of the restoration, this car has received numerous awards that include many NCCC "Best of Shows" and NCRS Top Flight awards. This is the car that began their passion for the hobby.

1972 - Targa Blue LS-5 frame-on restored convertible that is the "twin" to the above mentioned frame-off restored Vette. This car is almost identical to the one above with the exception of an automatic transmission and a black deluxe interior. Both '72 Corvettes were built only 18 days apart.

2001 - Navy Blue Metallic convertible that is fully optioned.




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