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Karvajal Designs' ZX-1 Adds High-End Passionate Style To The C6

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Is this exotic enough for you? Remember what's at the heart of the ZX-1. "We see so many exotics out there in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, with the maintenance for them that's through the roof," says Karl. "And Corvette is such a great sports car-it is top-of-the-line, as far as I'm concerned, dollar-for-dollar. But they lacked the 'exoticness' and the performance-we tweaked that up a little bit. These cars are so easy to upgrade, just a little here and there, and you have a supercar." One that also carries a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on the parts they install.

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After all that is added on, what is the ZX-1 like to drive? Here's a hint: It's a car to see and be seen in. As Karl puts it, "You're not going to blend in with the crowd with this car!" He continues: "I drive it through some million-dollar neighborhoods, and as soon as you drive it down the street, you get people pointing and giving the thumbs-up sign. It's just amazing!"

What's also amazing about the ZX-1 is not only is it a world-class ultra-high-performance sports car, it's one that the current state of the U.S. dollar now makes it more appealing to overseas and international buyers. "We're working with our coachbuilder to start shipping these internationally, because the dollar is so weak now," Karl explains. "It's such an advantage that we have here. It's like a 35-percent discount when they just switch the currency over to the dollar. That's a big discount, if you've ever heard one!"

Speaking of hearing one, those of you who are in or near Tampa (where Corvette Fever World HQ is) might want to keep their ears perked up and their eyes peeled for newly-converted ZX-1s, should any of Tampa's most notable winter visitors decide to put some of the winner's shares they received for being a part of the New York Yankees' 27th World Championship team into a ZX-1.

Get more information, including the ZX-1 brochure and current options list, online when you visit www.zx1corvette.com.




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