1967 Corvette Replica - The Ultimate Midyear

Karl Kustom Corvettes' Newly-Minted Midyear Combines C2 Style With C6 Technology

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'08 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
Owned by: Bob Young, Adel, Iowa

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Hand-fabricated fiberglass panels made to replicate '67 Corvette Sting Ray convertible
Conversion By: Karl Kustom Corvettes, Des Moines, Iowa
OEM Body Components: Deck lid, side mirrors, rocker panels and gas door
Bodywork: Karl Kustom Corvettes, Des Moines, Iowa
Paint: Victory Red basecoat/clearcoat (Same color car was painted at Bowling Green Assembly); Paint preparation and applied by Karl Kustom Corvettes, Des Moines, Iowa

Frame: OEM 2008 Corvette
Suspension: OEM 2008 Corvette
Steering: OEM 2008 Corvette rack-and-pinion, power-assisted
Brakes: OEM C6 four-wheel disc brakes (13-inch rotors in front, 12-inch rotors in rear), with Wilwood calipers and ABS
Wheels: OEM 2008 Corvette 5-spoke chrome-plated aluminum, 18 x 8 1/2 inches in front, 19 x 10 inches in rear
Tires: OEM Goodyear Eagle F1 (245/40ZR18 front, 285/35ZR19 rear) with '67-style red stripes added

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GM Powertrain LS3 aluminum-block V8
Displacement: 376 cubic inches (6.2 liters)
Compression Ratio: 10.7:1
Cylinder Heads: OEM LS3 cast aluminum
Ignition: OEM LS3 coil-on-plug electronic
Induction: OEM LS3 sequential electronic fuel injection
Camshaft: OEM LS3 hydraulic roller
Exhaust: OEM LS3
Horsepower: 430 @ 5900 rpm (Advertised)
Torque: 424 ft. /lbs. @ 4600 rpm (Advertised)

GM Powertrain six-speed overdrive automatic transaxle
Shifter: OEM 2008 Corvette: Console-mounted, with paddle up/down shifters on steering wheel
Final Drive Ratio: 2.56:1

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OEM 2008 Corvette with "Karl Kustom" logo on center panel (waterfall) between seats
Seats: OEM 2008 Corvette sport seats, upholstered in red/black leather
Carpets: OEM 2008 Corvette cut-pile
Instrumentation: OEM 2008 Corvette (0-200 mph speedometer, 0-8000 rpm tach with 6300 rpm redline, plus ammeter, oil pressure, oil temperature, coolant temperature and fuel level gauges)
Sound System: OEM 2008 Corvette (in addition to exhaust system)
HVAC: OEM 2008 Corvette (in addition to lowering top and windows, then driving briskly)


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