Garages For Corvette Collectors, Revisited

A Great Retirement Garage With Basic Functionality

Alan L. Colvin Nov 4, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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While some people may notice that Mike's shop is not the typical Garage Mahal some Corvette owners may covet, his shop is the epitome of functionality. Very few Corvette restorers have accomplished so many builds totally on their own in so little time, and his shop is a big part of that incredible efficiency. Mike's shop is 40'x 50' with a 20 foot addition on the east side for dog supply storage. The covered area on the west side is for the tractors/lawnmowers/etc. He only uses the 40X50 area for the shop.

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It's divided into basically three areas, the paint room, main shop, and storage. The paint room also doubles as a storage area for his completed cars. The paint room is cross vented with an explosion proof fan. The room size is about 25'x 22'. Mike says "I have filtered air and lights on the walls to watch how bad I'm screwing up the paint jobs". (Yeah right Mike..I have seen your paint jobs). The main shop is about 40'x 25' and is finished drywall and air conditioned and the floor is vinyl tile. The lift is a Challenger 9,000-pound asymetrical, and the ceilings are 12 feet clear. The neon is a collection that was purchased mostly on eBay. Mike continues "The jukebox is a Wurlitzer 1015 bubbler with 45 rpm records so that I can listen to the same scratchy crap that I grew up with. I have a full working shop with welders, plasma, a complete fastener stock, and lots of cabinets and drawers. The building is a post and beam building with steel siding. The remainder of the space is a storage room, which houses my compressor (to keep the noise down), and all of the junk that I've been saving. I spend 10 hours every day in this building so I have it set up to be as efficient as it can be. Sometimes I wish that it was a couple of bays wider, but then don't we all want that."




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