1968 Chevrolet Corvette - Loaded For Bear

32K-Mile '68 Loaded With Performance And Convenience Options

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Speaking of Greg's fleet, what else does this '68 share a garage with? "I've got 10 cars," he says. "The oldest is an original red/red '54, which came from California. I've got a red/red '65 fuelie that's a disc-brake-delete with a red leather interior-I've got all the documents on it since day one. I've got an L72 '66 that we just finished restoring-it has F41, side pipes, and leather seats. I have another '66, a black/red coupe with L36, factory A/C, and every option you could get on a Corvette except power steering-it has power brakes, power windows, knockoffs, side pipes, headrests. It's had only one repaint, it's never been restored, it has 82,000 original miles on it, and I've got the complete history of it since day one. Then I've got this car, and I've got four '69s-a 350/350 triple-black convertible with A/C, a black/red L36 factory air coupe, a red/red L36/factory air convertible and a black/black L68 coupe with air. I also have a black/red '90 ZR-1 with 1,700 miles on it." How does he decide which Corvette to drive-especially this one, which won the Celebrity Choice award at Mid America Motorworks' Corvette Funfest last year? "I don't know," Greg says with a laugh. "I just go out there and 'whatever trips your trigger.' It all depends on the mood."

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If you're in the mood to add a Corvette to your collection-or start a collection with one-Greg advises to look for a Vette with a lot of factory options on it. "I'd do my homework-there are a lot of opportunities out there right now-but get one with options," he says. "There are a lot of cars on the market right now-a lot of project cars, a lot of cars that are done, and a lot of cars that I would consider to be parts material only. "If you want a car to drive and have fun with, get one with the 390-horse, single-four-barrel 427. If you're looking for collectability, you definitely want to go for the high-horsepower stuff, whether it's small-block or big-block."




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