1995 Guldstrand Nassau Roadster - Nassauvette

Guldstrand-Built Prototype Is One Of Nine Drop-Tops Derived From The GS-90

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One thing that did go into this Nassau: a Vortech supercharger, which Steve says puts out around 420 horsepower while running ten pounds of boost. Between the GS-90 and the Nassau, Dick says he learned one important fact. "We know how to make a small fortune building special cars: Start with a very large fortune, and it works every time."

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They also made a car that was very wide-so wide, in fact, that owner Steve Coffey can't fit his Nassau into his trailer. "We did that because we used the base package from the GS-90," says Dick. "We had to have those big tires on it because of the GS-90s horsepower and torque." While Nassau No. 001 is too big to fit into his trailer, Steve says that it fits into his collection of exotics and ultra-high-performance cars (which includes some Lingenfelter Corvettes) very well. "I like the rare ones, and I like the first ones built, with the serial number 001. In my collection, I have four going on five supercars with serial number 001. I call my collection 'The First Supercar Collection.'" And what's Nassau No. 001 like to drive? "It's very sporty for the time period when it was built, in the mid '90s," he says. "Most of the Corvettes back then were in the 300 horsepower range." With an estimated 420 horsepower available, it's not as strong as his 725-925hp Lingenfelter's, it's as much a grand touring car as it is a pavement-pounder.

Despite Guldstrand Specialty Vehicles' efforts, the Nassau and GS-90 were destined to have short production lives. That's because the GM executive who'd green-lighted the project took early retirement, and his successor decided that The General's resources would be better used on the upcoming, all-new C5 instead of on a special version of the soon-to-be-replaced C4. Production totals for the Nassau number eight other convertibles, along with this prototype-more than the number of GS-90s that were built (six).

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If you're looking for one of the other Nassau's to add to your collection, here's Dick Gullstrand's advice: "Get the latest chassis style you can. In the early ones, I didn't like the dashboard, but we did a couple of those with the superchargers. They were fun and exciting, but there was that old, flat C4 dashboard in them. In 1992, Chevrolet made a really nice dash and interior for the Corvette, and that made it much nicer-looking convertible. So, anything past '92-'93 with the new dash, in my humble opinion, is more acceptable."




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