1966 Chevrolet Corvette - Z066

This Texas Vette Rod Hides A C5 Z06 Inside A '66 Body

Corp_0910_10_z 1966_chevrolet_corvette Rear_view 2/14

Data File: '66 Corvette Sting Ray Z066 Convertible
Owner: Doyle Thomas, Longview, Texas

Modified production '66 Sting Ray convertible
Modifications: C5 firewall, C5 door latches/handles, Philadelphia Motorsports conversion floorpan and rear quarter-panel flares
Bodywork: Automotive Specialties, Longview, Texas
Paint: DuPont Chroma custom silver basecoat/clearcoat; Paint preparation and applied by Automotive Specialties, Longview, Texas

Corp_0910_08_z 1966_chevrolet_corvette Bottom_view 3/14

Philadelphia Motorsports' round-tube frame not only fits the later Z06 hardware under the C2's body, but does so looking like a work of art.

Frame: Philadelphia Motorsports custom tube frame, powder-coated silver to match body
Suspension: (Front) 2003 C5 Z06 with Koni coilovers (Rear) 2003 C5 Z06 with Koni coilovers
Steering: Modified 2003 C5 Z06, power-assisted
Brakes: 2003 C5 Z06, front and rear
Wheels: 2003 C5 Z06 wheels, front and rear
Tires: Goodyear Eagle F1, 265/40R17 front, 295/35R18 rear

Overhead valve V8, GM Powertrain LS6
Originally built: GM Powertrain, Wixom, Michigan
Modifications: Custom air filter/ducting, custom ECM programming by Speed Scene Wiring, San Antonio, Texas, engine components polished by MPR/Bill Fell, Pritchett, Texas
Displacement: 346 cubic inches (5.7L)
Compression ratio: 10.5:1
Cylinder heads: Production 2003 Z06, cast aluminum
Ignition: OEM Delphi coil-on-plug
Induction: OEM 2003 Z06 electronic fuel injection
Camshaft: Production 2003 Z06
Exhaust: Camaro LS1 ceramic-coated manifolds with Stainless Works custom 2 1/2-inch side pipes
Horsepower: 405 @ 6,000 rpm (Advertised)
Torque: 400 ft./lbs. @ 4,800 rpm (Advertised)

Corp_0910_09_z 1966_chevrolet_corvette Doyle_thomas 4/14

Doyle Thomas not only has this "hidden Z06," but a '69 Stingray-based one in the works.

2003 C5 Corvette six-speed transaxle
Shifter: Hurst shifter (in modified C5 console)

Modified production 2003 C5 Corvette interior fitted to '66 body
Modified by: Automotive Specialties, Longview, Texas and Paul Adkins Interiors, Cullman, Alabama
Modifications: Everything-2003 C5 interior was "tailored" to fit into original '66 body
Seats: Modified 2003 Corvette sport seats with Torch Red leather upholstery by Paul Adkins Interiors, Cullman, Alabama
Carpets: Torch Red cut-pile
Instrumentation: OEM 2003 C5 Z06 (0-200 mph speedometer, 0-7,000 rpm tachometer with 6,500 rpm redline, plus fuel level, oil pressure, ammeter and coolant temperature gauges).
Sound system: OEM 2003 Delco-Bose AM/FM tuner/CD player with XM Satellite Radio receiver
Heater: OEM 2003 C5 Z06
A/C: OEM 2003 C5 Z06




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