1956 Chevrolet Corvette - C6.R's Great-Great-Great-Grandfather

Corvette Racing History Starts With "SR"-Equipped '56s Like This One

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John Neas' '56 Corvette was built with the latest in performance and safety equipment, including the factory-installed seat belts.

Data File: '56 Chevrolet Corvette
Currently owned by John and Sally Neas, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Modified production '56 Corvette
Modifications: Factory-installed rear brake cooling scoops, front-brake cooling holes cut into radiator panel
Bodywork: Richard Robinson Restorations, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
Paint: Aztec Copper acrylic lacquer (Original color/paint formulation); Paint preparation & applied by Richard Robinson Restorations, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

Frame: Production '56 Corvette
Suspension: Restored RPO SR2F special front/rear suspension (Front) Heavy-duty coil springs with RPO SR6A 410 shocks (Rear) RPO SR9A heavy-duty leaf springs with RPO SR6A 411 shocks plus Houdaille shocks
Steering: Restored OEM GM-Saginaw recirculating-ball, non-power-assisted, with RPO SR10A shortened steering column
Brakes: Restored OEM GM-Delco Moraine drum-and-shoe brakes with 11-inch (OEM size) drums and cerametallic brake shoes, non-power-assisted
Wheels: RPO SR1A Halibrand cast magnesium "Kidney Bean" wheels with three-prong knock-off spinners, 15 x 5 inches all around
Tires: RPO SR12D Firestone "Super Sport" racing tires, 6.70-15 all around

Chevrolet overhead-valve small-block V8 (RPO 469 with RPO 449)
Originally built: Chevrolet Motor Division's Flint Engine Plant, Flint, Michigan
Rebuilt/restored: John Neas (Current owner), Tulsa, Oklahoma
Displacement: 265 cubic inches
OEM modifications: RPO SR5A special HD radiator, RPO SR7A dual fan-belt drive
Compression ratio: 9.25:1
Cylinder heads: Production RPO 449, cast iron
Ignition: OEM Delco points-style ignition with RPO SR11A special ignition wiring
Induction: Two Carter four-barrel carburetors (2419S front, 2362S rear) on a cast iron intake
Camshaft: RPO 449 "Duntov" solid-lifter camshaft, designed by Zora Arkus-Duntov (First high-performance camshaft designed for the smallblock V8)
Exhaust: Cast iron manifolds with RPO SR4A exhaust system with shortened mufflers, 2 1/4-inch pipes and side exit
Horsepower: 240 @ 5600 rpm (Advertised)
Torque: 270 ft. /lbs. @ 5200 rpm (Advertised)

Restored OEM synchromesh close-ratio three-speed manual
Shifter: Original '56 Corvette three-speed shifter
Rear end: Lyeth Engineering "Hi Torque" limited-slip differential with 3.70:1 rear gears

Restored modified production '56 Corvette
Modifications: RPO SR10A Shortened steering column
Seats: Production '56 buckets with Al Knoch reproduction beige vinyl upholstery
Carpets: Al Knock reproduction nylon loop-pile
Instrumentation: OEM '56 Corvette (0-140 mph speedometer, 0-8000 rpm tachometer, plus fuel level, oil pressure, ammeter, coolant temperature gauges and electric clock)
Sound system: RPO 102 GM-Delco "Wonderbar" signal-seeking AM radio
Heater: Restored original RPO 101 heater
A/C: Lower top and windows, then drive briskly


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