Corvette Book Guide - The Top Shelf: Volume Three

Even More Of The Latest And Greatest Corvette Books

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How To Build And Power Tune Holley Carburetors
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Ralph Kalal's Car Care for Car Guys is, as its subtitle says, filled with "Tips & Techniques Beyond Auto Maintenance 101." It's packed with plenty of photos and illustrations in each how-to chapter--ranging from tools and supplies you'll need, how to lift your car safely, to chapters on engine lubrication, the air intake system, the charging, cooling and ignition systems, drive belts, electronic engine management and diagnosing OBD-II trouble codes, and chapters on automatic transmissions, brakes and tires.

Much of this information, while not Corvette-specific, is applicable to C5s and C6s, as well as the daily-drivers you use during the week while your Vette(s) are parked.

There's a bright yellow C6 on the cover of Harold Bettes and Bill Hancock's Dyno Testing and Tuning, but that's not the only reason it's for Corvette lovers. It's loaded with information that helps make the best use of both engine and chassis dynamometers in building and tuning for optimum power. Chapters include dynamometer history and basics, goals and objectives, tuning, testing tips on how to use a dyno, correction factors, troubleshooting, what to look for in a dyno facility, and how to read a dyno sheet. Give it, and you'll make someone that much more knowledgeable a car guy/gal, one who's not just a mere spectator on their car club's dyno days.

Impressing spectators and show participants alike has been something that custom paint jobs have done since the first one was applied way back when. Pat Ganahl's Custom Painting gets into how to choose the right paint for the job, picking the right tools and supplies needed, body preparation, block sanding and color sanding--and that's before it gets into chapters on how to apply candy colors, pearls and metalflake, how to do flames, scallops and other taped layouts, how to do fades, fogs and blended colors, pinstriping, "suede" paint--plus the proper care and feeding of that paint job so it doesn't fade and look like a faded-out relic.




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