Corvette Book Guide - The Top Shelf: Volume Three

Even More Of The Latest And Greatest Corvette Books

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How To Rebuild And Modify Carter/Edelbrock Carburetors: Performance, Street And Off-Road Applications
CarTech Books
$24.95 + Shipping

Meanwhile, Tom Benford's book includes over 30 repairs and upgrades ranging from bodywork and interiors to brakes, suspension, cooling system and powertrain, plus some basic-maintenance projects like oil changes done the right way. Each project is also rated as to how long it'll take you, what tools you'll need, what skill level it is (from absolute beginner to advanced fabricator), and which year Vette it's applicable to.

If your Corvette came with a Holley under the hood as an OEM item (as they did from '64-'72, depending on the engine the car was built with), you'll want to get Des Hammill's How to Build and Power Tune Holley Carburetors. Now out in an updated and revised edition, it's filled not only with detailed text, illustrations and photographs showing the various Holley carburetors' workings and how to rebuild and tune them, there's also a goldmine of information regarding how to identify (by look and by part number) the individual components that go into correctly-restored and properly-tuned Holleys.

As with the preceding carburetor books, it's of interest not only to restorers--so their prized rides have a correct AND properly-functioning Holley--but also to Vette Rodders looking for the secret to building a period-correct piece of speed equipment to go on top of their crate/stroker/otherwise non-stock engine.

Does that late C3 or early C4 you just bought have a malfunctioning fuel-injection system that you've dubbed "Cross-Fire Rejection?" Or are you looking to get the optimum amount of power out of the EFI system that's on your daily driver? Charles O. Probst covers those areas, and lots more, in How to Understand, Service and Modify Corvette Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Management: LB3, L98, LT1, LT4, LS1, LS6, ZR-1.

Three "How To's" That Say, "Why Not?"
With gift-giving time fast approaching again (including birthdays and anniversaries), here are three books from Car Tech Books that'll make great gifts to hands-on Vette lovers--even the one that looks back in the mirror at you!

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How To Rebuild And Modify Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors
CarTech Books
$24.95 + Shipping

Packed with nearly 400 pages of information that includes over 100 pages worth of model-specific wiring diagrams, trouble codes and test specifications, it's the definitive work on the workings of these fuel-delivery systems. There's a survey of the different types of fuel injection systems used, such as throttle-body injection (TBI), multiport fuel injection (MFI) and sequential fuel injection (SFI).

You'll also find chapters on engine control fundamentals, emissions and fuels, sensors, actuators, the electronic control module (ECM), and fuel delivery as well as ones on tuning, troubleshooting and servicing. Probst also wrote detailed books on Bosch and Blue Oval EFI systems, so you know you're getting top-grade information from someone who knows his subject matter very well.

Two Project Books from Motorbooks
You've got to love Motorbooks. Not just for their seemingly-never-ending selection of historical and coffee-table books, but for the titles they have for hands-on enthusiasts. That includes these two Corvette-related titles: George McNicholl's How to Rebuild Corvette Rolling Chassis 1963-1982, and our own Tom Benford's Corvette Performance Projects 1968-1982.

If you plan on driving your dream C2 or C3 Vette, McNicholl's book is one you'll want on hand ASAP, if not sooner. That's because of its step-by-step documentation of the rebuilding of four of his own Vettes ('65 and '67 convertibles plus '69 and '72 coupes). His focus is on rebuilding them for daily-driver use, and there's plenty of clear and concise information about each chassis system and sub-assembly: engines, transmissions, steering, front and rear suspension, frames, wheels, tires and brakes, plus the fuel, cooling and exhaust systems.


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