2008 Callaway Corvette - The Gift

'08 Callaway Is Spectacular Anniversary Present

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It was right about then, that Jayna--realizing that there was no mistake, that this Callaway was hers--that our Jerry Heasley came by to take a good look at it. She picks up the story from there. "As I was standing there crying, and all the dealership people clapping at my surprise, Jerry came over to say he had heard what was going on and he wanted to shoot the car and put my story into Corvette Fever!"

Off they went to a location near Breckenridge that Jerry had scouted, and that's where the pictures you see here were taken. You'll see that the Callaway had less than 500 miles on it at the time--mainly testing and delivery miles starting at Bowling Green, then routed through Old Lyme before delivery to Purifoy Chevrolet.

During the shoot, Jayna and Jerry chatted, and Jayna had a couple of those "Small-world-isn't-it?" moments. "As we are talking...I asked him where he was from, and he said, 'Pampa, Texas.'" Seems that's Scott Martin's hometown, too. Jayna continues: "He had also asked another couple to bring their car over for a photo shoot--a silver-with-red interior 1963 split-window. They were from Breckenridge, and as we got to talking, the older gentleman told me that he had been stationed in Amarillo, Texas in 1963, and he'd bought that car from Plaines Chevrolet in Amarillo. Wow! What a small world!" So says the Amarillo-born-and-raised Jayna, whose parents had owned a white split-window with a red leather interior, and who (according to Reeves Callaway) is only the tenth female driver listed as the primary owner/driver of a Callaway Corvette.

It's possible that this 2008 Callaway may see the same kind of driving that put just 10,000 miles on the 1987-vintage Callaway that it now shares a garage with. Then again, the roads leading to and from that Colorado garage will always be "improved," once this '08, or any of its stablemates, is taken out for a drive.




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