2008 Callaway Corvette - The Gift

'08 Callaway Is Spectacular Anniversary Present

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There are Corvettes...there are factory-built limited edition Corvettes...and then there are the Callaway Corvettes. If you're looking to add Callaway Cars' upgrades to a not-yet-built C6, it's a fairly easy matter to order one through Chevrolet and Callaway's dealer network. But, if you're looking at one that's already been built, and you'd like one finished in the same exterior/interior color scheme, you might have to wait. That's because Callaway only does one of each color combo per year. So says Erie, Colorado's Jayna Martin.

Jayna and her husband, Scott, are definitely Corvette devotees, as evidenced by the collection in their Erie, Colorado Garage. At this writing, it includes a modified '53, a restored '60, a modified '63, a restored '67, plus an original '73 and '2003 along with an original '87 Callaway with just 10,000 miles on it. That's along with a steel-bodied Bow Tie collection that includes two '55 Bel Airs, a '67 Camaro Rally Sport and a '55 First Series pickup.

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Last year, Scott took Jayna to Purifoy Chevrolet in nearby Fort Lupton, Colorado, to do a little window-shopping, when a Wil Cooksey-autographed, limited-edition Corvette was at that dealership. "Scott took me to see the new limited edition Z06 that was signed by the Corvette plant manager Will Cooksey," she says. "When we walked into the showroom,I walked right past the car that Scott wanted to show me to the whiteCallaway Edition Corvette with the red scoop on the hood."

Jayna had an eye for an eye-catching C6, alright. This one was equipped with a polished MagnaCharger supercharger and "Honker" cold-air system under the hood, and other Callaway upgrades that included a C16 hood and "Double D" exhaust system. Jayna says, "I said, 'That is the prettiest car I have ever seen!' Scott asked me if I would trade in my Mercedes for the car. I said I would have to think about it, as it is a whole different type of vehicle."

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The next day--disappointment. "Scott left for Arizona the next day, and then told me that Jay the sales manager at Purifoy Chevrolet called,and thatthe car had been sold," Jayna says. "I was sad, as Callaway only makes one of these color combos per year. I knew that if I wanted that color combo, I would have to wait another year to see it"

Move ahead to the annual Vettes on the Rockies show in Breckenridge the following weekend, where--among the show rides and displays was...the white/red '08 Callaway. "Scott and I went to lunch and then walked around town, then he suggested that we go over to the 'showroom' area for the car show to seethe new ZR1 that was on display," says Jayna. "So we walked over to the parking area where all the 'show' cars were roped off for viewing...and I saw THE CALLAWAY Vette." She told Scott, that it was her guess that it was there to be shown off, and 'rubbed in' that it was sold.

Except there was one thing that Jayna hadn't noticed about the Callaway...yet.

"As we were walking around the car...I saw theregistration tag for the car show in the window, and it said, 'Jayna Martin.' "Scott leaned over and said, 'Happy Anniversary!'"




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