1959 Chevrolet Corvette - From The Land Of Oz

Restored '59 Has Its Own Tales To Tell

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Frame: Restored production 1959 Corvette
Suspension: Restored production 1959
Corvette: (Front) Coil springs with GM-Delco tubular shocks (Rear) Longitudinal leaf springs with GM-Delco tubular shocks
Steering: Restored production 1959 Corvette with GM-Saginaw 16:1 recirculating ball steering gear, non-power-assisted
Brakes: Restored production 1959 Corvette drum-and-shoe with 11-inch drums, non-power-assisted
Wheels: Production 15 x 5 1/2-inch stamped steel wheels with chrome full-wheel covers
Tires: Firestone Indy 500 "Firehawk" radials with 2 1/2-inch whitewalls, P215/70R15 all around (Reproduction of RPO 290 6.70-15 wide whitewalls)

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Restored Chevrolet Gen I smallblock V8
Modification: .060-inch overbore, aftermarket 327/350hp camshaft with hydraulic lifters, rotating assembly balanced before final assembly
Displacement: Just over 283 cubic inches
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Block: Original Chevrolet smallblock V8, casting # 3737739 (Leftover '58 casting)
Cylinder Heads: Production 1960 Corvette 283 heads (Casting # 3774692)
Ignition: GM-Delco "conventional" (non-electronic) ignition system
Induction: 1 Carter WCFB four-barrel carburetor on a cast-iron intake manifold
Exhaust: Reproduction '59 Corvette dual exhaust system
Radiator: Restored production '59 Corvette GM-Harrison copper-brass radiator
Horsepower: 230 @ 4800 rpm (Advertised)
Torque: 300 ft. /lbs. @ 300 rpm (Advertised)

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Restored original Borg-Warner T-10 four-speed manual (RPO 685)
Shifter: Restored GM four-speed shifter with reverse lock-out
Rearend: Restored production '59 Corvette with Positraction (RPO 675) and 4.11:1 rear gears

Restored production 1959 Corvette
New For '59: Reverse lockout on 4-speed shifter, redesigned door panels/gauges, storage bin under grab bar
Seats: Restored production '59 Corvette seats
Upholstery: "Roman Red" Vinyl
Carpets: Red/black/white "Salt & Pepper" nylon loop-pile
Instrumentation: OEM 1959 Corvette (0-160 mph speedometer, 0-7000 rpm tachometer with 5500 rpm redline, plus fuel level, oil pressure, ammeter and coolant temperature gauges, plus clock)
Sound System: OEM GM-Delco "Wonderbar" signal-seeking AM radio (RPO 102)
Heater/Defroster: Restored production '59 Corvette GM-Harrison deluxe heater/defroster (RPO 101)
Air Conditioner: Remove hardtop (or lower soft top), roll down windows, and let the breeze from nearby Lake Ontario do the rest.


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