1963 Chevrolet Corvette - Misterl's Midyear

'63 Built For Harley Earl To Be Auctioned By Mecum At '09 Bloomington Gold

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It will be a "main attraction"--featured in the auction's advertising and catalog, while helping attract attention for the other Vettes up for bids. "The one thing about a 'main attraction' car is that it's a very high-end collectible," says Dana. "That really limits the number of people who can buy it, yet it creates a 'halo effect' over the event. That car is the one that everybody comes to look at, even though most of the buyers are there looking for Corvettes to be their new driver, or next project."

The Harley Earl '63 will also be the latest GM Styling creation to go up for bids at a Mecum event. "Some of the other Styling cars that we sold in the past were a lot of Bill Mitchell cars--there's a maroon car that's very similar to this one that's called the 'Bill Mitchell' car, and about three years ago we had some Styling cars from the Van Chapley collection that we sold," Dana adds.

What's it like to drive this piece of GM Styling history? "It's a real looker, and it's loud," says Richard Earl. "It's a throwback, a piece of history. For me, sitting in the car that my grandfather drove, it was a full circle for me as far as being one of the most exciting moments of my life. In my opinion, it's like driving "Motoramic Masterpieces' like the LeSabre or the Y-Job."

And to think...the next one to drive a car that's the continuation of the "dream car" line highlighted by the Y-Job and LeSabre could be...you?




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