2003 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 - Z06 Ver. 2.0

When A Stock '03 Z06 Isn't Enough

Corp_0904_07_z 2003_chevrolet_corvette_z06 Front_view 2/11

You'd Smile, Too Sam and Mrs. Wilensky, enjoying their '03 Z06 back when it was daily-driven. Though it wears a custom paint job now, they still find excuses to take it out on the road.

Data File: '03 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Hardtop
Owned by: Sam Wilensky, Spartanburg, South Carolina
Purchased new in August 2002, used as a daily driver and show car until 2007, show-only since then. Other Corvettes and cars of interest currently owned include '06 Corvette Convertible (Daytona Sunset Orange) and '00 Camaro SS
Production: Total '03 Corvettes: 35,469; Total '03 Z06 hardtop production: 8,635
Price: Base: '03 Z06 hardtop: $51,155; Price of car in as-photographed configuration: Considerably more; Price of car in current configuration: (You're not planning your own, are you?)

Custom paint applied 2007. (Car is now black over Millennium Yellow over black)
Model: Corvette Z06 Coupe
Original Color: Millennium Yellow--1 of 1,708 '03 Z06s painted that optional ($750 MSRP) color
Components: (Special/Non-Stock Body) Supercharger hood by Lingenfelter

Corp_0904_09_z 2003_chevrolet_corvette_z06 Rear_view 3/11

See How It Sounds From here, the subwoofers in the newly upgraded sound system are visible. When it's cranked up, you can likely hear it at your place from there.

Frame: Original C5 Corvette frame with hydroformed side rails
Brakes: Upgraded to Brembo rotors (13-inch diameter) all around
Wheels: HRE 18x9.5-inch front/19x12-inch rear
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport, 255/40R18 (front)/ 345/30R19 (rear)
Suspension: Original Corvette Z06 suspension, upgraded with 2004 Z06 shocks

Original Engine: LS6 pushrod/overhead-valve V8, manufactured by GM Powertrain
Displacement: 350 ci (5.7 L)
Horsepower: 405 (Advertised)
Torque: 400 lb-ft (Advertised)
Upgrades: Lingenfelter-installed, polished Magnuson intercooled supercharger
Max Horsepower: 595 (after supercharger install)
Max Torque: 505 lb-ft (after supercharger install)
Exhaust System: Corsa "Pace Car Edition" after-cat system with chrome tips (replaced OEM exhaust system aft of catalytic converters)

Corp_0904_10_z 2003_chevrolet_corvette_z06 Driver_side_view 4/11

Version 2.0.1 Here's a look at Sam's Z06 with its current colors on. Note how the body's side cove made for the perfect place for a scallop.

Stock Corvette Z06 six-speed manual transaxle

Interior Color: Black (original)
Upgrades: The following items were replaced and/or upgraded with items from Corvette Essentials, which match original exterior color, or have Millennium Yellow accents: seats, shifter handle and boot, hand-brake handle and boot, door pulls, armrest, steering wheel, center console
Sound System: Clarion with flip-up touch screen, DVD, and iPod playback capability (among other things)


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