1957 Chevrolet Corvette - It's Been Everywhere, Almost

711,000 Miles... and Counting!

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Award Of Distinction
Chevrolet honored Pat when his '57 Corvette hit the 600,000-mile threshold. (The plaque-maker got the VIN wrong.)

There's no secret to this Vette's long life: regular maintenance, a devoted owner, and luck in avoiding crashes that would have written it off. Pat says that, if you're looking for a Corvette to own as a daily driver, maybe a C1 might not be the best choice for you as it was for him four and a half decades ago. "It depends on what they're looking for," he says when asked if he has any advice for prospective first-time Corvette owners. "If they're looking for an old one, I don't think they're going to drive it as a daily driver. Almost any Corvette, I think, is in good shape-most people take care of 'em. And, naturally, with the newer ones, you can find a high-mileage or a low-mileage one, and they're still about the same price. The price doesn't change much, from what I see."

And time doesn't diminish a Corvette's beauty, no matter how many times the odometer's been around.

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