E85 Ethanol 1998 Chevrolet Corvette - Corn-Fed Sleepers

Two Friends Take Route E85 With Their Corvettes

Jake Weyer May 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

E85's high alcohol content also causes the fuel to burn cleaner. Cory and Ryan say the black carbon specs that used to litter their rear bumpers are gone now. The old smell is gone, too, but they don't mind. "You get used to it," Ryan said.

The cars lost a few miles per gallon, but considering the price difference between E85 and high-octane pump gas or race fuel, Cory and Ryan don't see it as a drawback. Wicks said the only downside he's encountered with E85 is extended crank issues in temperatures below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, which could be a problem if you think January in Minnesota is prime time for cruising. Cory and Ryan don't recommend it.

But their cars are out nearly every day when there's no snow on the ground. And when there is, the guys are tearing the Corvettes apart in their garages on nothing fancier than jackstands and concrete, until it's time to open up some nostrils, if not eyes, at the next show.

Ccrp_0805_011_z E85_ethanol_1998_chevrolet_corvette E85_corvette_engine 2/15

Unstealthy ::: Cory tried to get Ryan to hide the nitrous setup, but to no avail. The bay is still clean and simple. The TNT Stage 1 nitrous kit is the only thing under Ryan's hood that hints at the car's capabilities.

'98 Corvette Coupe
Ryan Custodio
New market, MN

TPIS 7.0L LS1 427, 11.5:1 compression
TPIS Stage 3 heads
TPIS ZL-17 cam with 251/251 degrees duration at .050, .629/.629-inch lift, and 112 degrees of lobe separation
TPIS oil cooler
TPIS modified LS6 intake
TPIS .90mm throttle body
Blackwing air intake with large air bridge

Stock T56 six-speed with B&M short-throw shifter
Cartek clutch
Cartek adjustable master cylinder
3.73:1 gears, hardened output shaft, and titanium clutch preload springs

TPIS headers and Random Tech cross-pipe, no cats (Minnesota doesn't have emissions checks)
TPIS mufflers

Ccrp_0805_012_z E85_ethanol_1998_chevrolet_corvette Corvette_interior_with_roll_cage 3/15

Near-Stock Office ::: Ryan's car retains the stock interior. The cage is a six-point from Wolfe Racecraft.

Stock Corvette springs, lowered 2 inches
QA1 12-way adjustable shocks

Baer Eradispeed rotors
Goodridge stainless steel brake lines

Wheels and tires
CCW SP500s, 18x10 front and 18x11 back, wrapped in Nitto 555R2 rubber, 285/35/18 front, 305/35/18 rear

Power adder
TNT Stage 1 nitrous kit with TNT power ring, purge kit, and wide-open throttle
Nitrous Express panel switch
MSD window switch
Jetted for a 150hp shot

Fuel Delivery
Motron 60-pound injectors
Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump
Adjustable fuel-pressure regulator

E85 flex fuel tuning by Andy Wicks at DynoTune
Mobile Chassis Dyno Service in Watertown, South Dakota

Sebring Silver paint and flames laid down by Brad Russsel in Watertown, South Dakota
Kenne Bell supercharger hood
Caravaggio rear spoiler
Debadged Corvette emblems
Wolfe Racecraft six-point rollcage


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