1969 Corvette Stingray - The Glass Menagerie

This '69 427 is a Proud Trailer Queen

Kevin Shaw Mar 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
Corp_0803_09b_z 1969_corvette_stingray Trailer 2/10

High & Dry ::: This is Ken's Corvette in its most natural habitat while attending the nation's Corvette events. Some cars have all the luck.

It took only two minutes of film to put Ken on the phone asking Dennis what it would take to seal the deal. The orange Corvette was quickly trailered to Ken's Texas home where it would reside next to his '00 Vette, a '69 GTO Judge, and his twin Mopars.

Corp_0803_10b_z 1969_corvette_stingray Rear_exhaust 3/10

In the past, he always made it a point to drive his many musclecars nearly to the point of breakage. But due to the delicate nature and value of his rare and insanely desirable machines, Ken now shies away from chirping the gears and hazing the factory tires on any of his current rides. He explains, "I've lived on both sides of the fence when it comes to how you should own your Corvette. At first my thinking was: Why own it if you don't drive it? But nowadays, I feel I've been there, and I most definitely have done that, plus I have spent a fortune repairing my cars. Now I am a car show nut, traveling all over the country attending and enjoying the cleaning, detailing, pampering, and basically treating them like precious museum pieces."

His trailered Monaco Orange '69 has taken home honors at NCRS, Bloomington Gold, Chevy Vettefest, ISCA Best Sports Car, People's Choice, and several Best Paint and Best Engine awards. Ken concludes, "I feel any car is a perishable item, and I want my cars to last as long as they can." CF




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