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Custom Chevrolet Corvettes - Your Ride In The Spotlight

Corvette Fever readers get their cars put in the spotlight.

Scott Ross Feb 1, 2008

In this issue of Corvette Fever, we wanted to feature more "Rides" than we usually run in our Your Ride in the Spotlight department. We have been swamped lately with lots of hot Corvette entries so we wanted to play catch-up a little bit and allow more readers to see their cars right here in CF.

If you haven't done so already, send a brief story and one high-resolution photo to

Corp_0802_01_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 2000_chevy_corvette_and_a_1964_chevrolet_corvette_stingray 2/23

Bruce Rankin ::: Double The Pleasure
Milkton, Ontario, Canada
'64 Sting Ray coupe, '00 convertible

The C5 is an '00 convertible, dark blue with camel interior and roof. It's an automatic that is fully loaded with about 8,000 miles on it. The C2 is a '64 coupe that is Daytona blue with blue interior. It's a 327/ 365hp four-speed car with power windows, side pipes, knock offs, and power disc brakes. The C2 has been restored and is driven to car shows. We took the C5 to Corvettes at Carlisle this year. Have a look at the background-the garage is tiled, and there are all kinds of garage memorabilia on the walls and cabinets.

Corp_0802_02_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 2001_chevy_corvette_front_view 3/23

Mike Doyle ::: Fantastic!
Sebastopol, Ca
'01 convertible

My '01 Torch Red Corvette convertible has been customized to perfection. It has vertical doors, custom touches under the hood, Flowmaster exhaust, chrome hoops, and a real fire paint job that will blow your mind. It would make a perfect addition to any issue of Corvette Fever.

Corp_0802_03_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1971_chevrolet_corvette_and_a_1994_chevy_corvette_and_a_2002_chevy_corvette 4/23

ElRoy, Curtis & Roy Evanczyk ::: The Fever Is Contagious
ElRoy Evanczyk '71 coupe
Curtis Evanczyk '94 coupe
Roy Evanczyk '02 coupe

I cured my Corvette fever in 1977 with a '66 big-block roadster. That car was followed in 1989 by the matching-numbers '71 LS5 coupe seen here. The fever then spread to my sons. My younger son, Curtis, is on his second Corvette-a '94 coupe. my older son, Roy, cured his fever with an '02 coupe that he purchased new.

Corp_0802_04_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1972_chevrolet_corvette_stringray 5/23

Rob Harper ::: Benchmark In Blue
Raleigh, NC
'72 Stingray coupe

This is a Bryar Blue metallic, LS-5 coupe with an automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, and power windows. Built on June 6, 1972, as one of 1,059 coupes with Canadian base equipment, this coupe was shipped to Central Chevrolet Oldsmobile LTD in London, Ontario, Canada. It was driven less than 1,000 miles by its original owners, and then spent the next 25 years wrapped in blankets in their living room. The car is unusually well preserved with only 1,775 actual miles.

The car earned NCRS Top Flight in 1998 and 1999, and NCRS Zora Arkus-Duntov Mark of Excellence and the NCRS-Chevrolet Four-Star Bow-tie Awards. In June 1999, it was Bloomington Gold Certified, with the Survivor Certificate of Historic Preservation and Benchmark awards, just one of 70 Corvettes to have ever received this honor.

Corp_0802_05_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1960_chevrolet_corvette_and_a_1981_chevy_corvette_and_a_1991_chevy_corvette_zr1 6/23

David Carleton ::: My Three Vettes
Clemmons, NC
'60, '81, and '91 ZR-1

Here's a photo of the three Corvettes that I've acquired over the past few years. The first is a '60 Cream Beige with copper coves. Although there's little documentation on the color, I've found it and made a few NCRS guys quiet. The black car is an '81 black-on-black four-speed with 48,000 miles on it. It's original down to the AM/FM cassette radio.

The last is a '91 ZR-1, Polo Green with a tan interior. I've added a few mods to it, such as B&B Tri-Flows, a chip, and a K&N air intake.

Corp_0802_06_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1965_chevy_corvette_stingray_rear_view 7/23

Scott Roffers ::: From America's Dairy
'65 Sting Ray coupe

Last year, I was finally able to fulfill a long-time wish of mine. I have always wanted to own a '65 Corvette. That's a cool model year-the same year that I was born. It's a stock 350 horse 327 with A/C. The seats have been upgraded to leather, but other than that everything matches. The first time I gave my 7-year-old a ride in it, he asked, "Where are the switches to put down the window?" My 14-year-old likes me to pick him up from school in it. We are looking forward to many more rides in this blast from Americana past.

Corp_0802_07_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1973_chevrolet_corvette_stingray 8/23

Kerry Detwiler ::: His Own Project Shark Attack
Harleysville, PA
'73 Stingray convertible

While your Project Shark Attack was going on, so was mine. This car started out decent looking but in need of some TLC. I've owned it for 13 years, and slowly turned it into what you see now. Most mechanical items have been done by me-engine, suspension, clutch and transmission, plus most of the interior. The body and custom paint were done by Denny's Corvette of Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The paint was finished in the beginning of 2007. The engine is a 350 punched 0.030 over, with a Jasper bottom end, Comp Cams roller cam, Trick Flow heads, Hooker shorty headers (for a '92 Corvette, modified to fit), and 2-inch pipes back to the side-pipe mufflers. Twin electric fans replaced the stock fan, and there's no overheating problem. It has 17-inch Torq-Thrust IIs with Toyo tires.

Corp_0802_08_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes North_corvette_club 9/23

Corvettes North Corvette Club ::: North Stars
Duluth, MN

Corvettes North is a Corvette club with 107 members from Northeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin. We meet once a month at different restaurants around the area, and we also take part in parades and cruises. This picture was taken at Duluth International Airport on July 29, 2007. Headed up to the Twin Ports or beyond? Contact Corvettes North via their e-mail address,

Corp_0802_09_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1965_chevrolet_corvette_stingray_and_a_1973_chevrolet_stingray_and_a_1987_chevy_corvette 10/23

Angela and Barry Gorzelsky ::: Johnstown Vettes
Johnstown, PA
'65 Sting ray, '87 Corvette, '73 Stingray

My husband Barry and I are the proud owners of three beautiful Corvettes-a pewter '87 coupe, a red '73 Stingray, and a white '65 Sting Ray.

The '87 is my favorite. Barry found it and parked it across the street from our house. When I came home, I thought to myself, Wow, that's a beautiful Vette! When he came home, we sat on the front porch and I said, "Did you see that Vette over there?" and he pulled a set of keys out of his pocket, walked across the street, and before I knew it, it was in my driveway. We were looking to purchase a garage to house all our cars when our realtor told us of a Corvette for sale. As soon as we saw this '65 Sting Ray, we had to have it. It has 90,000 original miles on it.

Corp_0802_10_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1966_chevrolet_stingray_convertible 11/23

Thomas Meehan ::: Gulf-Side Midyear
St. Petersburg, Fl
'66 Sting Ray convertible

I owned my first Vette some thirty-five years ago. It was a '67 Sting Ray convertible that had every option but a big (427) engine, and I just loved it. So when I had the chance to buy one seven years ago, I jumped on it. It's a '66 Sting Ray convertible that was in need of a lot of work, so I made her into a daily driver. New engine, transmission, paint and seats-the list is very long. As you can see, it turned out pretty nice.

Corp_0802_11_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1990_chevy_corvette_coupe 12/23

Debra Cox ::: Winged Wonder
Bellflower, CA
'90 Corvette coupe

Here's my '90 Vette, the best on the planet. I have had the body repainted and Lambo-doors added, along with a new sound system, all new brakes, wheels, tires, fuel injectors, and new heads, to name but a few. J&D Corvette in Bellflower, California, did all my work. I call my Vette DEATH RIDER and my plate reads POISON4. I feel if looks could kill there would be no other cars left.

Corp_0802_12_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1977_chevrolet_corvette 13/23

Robb Kochevar ::: Valley Shark
Clovis, CA
'77 Corvette

Here is a picture of my '77 Corvette. I spent the past four years replacing, rebuilding, or modifying almost everything on the car except the paint, which after a lot of polishing cleaned up nicely. It has a GM 350 crate engine with an aluminum radiator, 700R4, and new exhaust system. The differential, suspension, steering, and braking systems were all rebuilt. I redid the interior, adding extra layers of insulation, and got the A/C and accessories working.

I take pride in making every installation look better than it would have come from the factory. This is not a show car, but now is a really nice driver.

Corp_0802_13_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1998_chevy_corvette_convertible_and_a_2003_50th_anniversary_chevy_corvette_z06 14/23

Tim O'Leary ::: Volusiavettes
Ormond Beach, FL
'98 Corvette convertible, '03 50th Anniversary

The photo is of my wife and I, and we still have the cars. Mine is the '98 convertible (it has a six-speed) and hers is the '03 50th Anniversary with 6,000 miles. It was an anniversary present and a surprise in April 2003. Both our cars are pure stock except for K&N filters. The first Vette I drove was a '59, and then I owned an original '67 convertible with the 327/350. I had it for over 20 years.

We are in a Corvette Club (Corvette Cruisers of Greater Daytona), and we enjoy going to shows and road trips.

Corp_0802_14_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1979_chevrolet_corvette_l82 15/23

Vance and Jenn Powers ::: So Fine '79
Halder, WI
'79 Corvette L82

We started seriously looking for a Corvette in the fall of 2004. My wife and I test drove a lot of C3s over a 12-month time frame. Then, one day on an out of town trip, my wife spotted this '79 L82 at a Ford dealership. When we made our offer, the dealer counter offered a price that was $2,500 lower. The sales guy said, "Look, we're not a Chevy dealer, and we know absolutely nothing about Corvettes. Get this thing off our lot." We wrote that check out so quick the pen is still smokin' today! I added the Hooker side pipes, per one of your "how to" articles. It was a great and fun project! I put STS (Spiral Turbo Specialties) baffles in the pipes, and at highway speed, they give a nice, low, mellow, deep tone.

Corp_0802_15_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 2005_chevy_corvette_coupe 16/23

Frank Rodgers ::: Mister Rodgers' C5
Deepintheheartof, Texas
'05 Corvette coupe

My car was built by 21st Century Muscle Cars in Carollton, Texas.

The specs are:
Lingenfelter-prepped LS7 block/ CNC ported/polished heads, Manley forged aluminum pistons (11.5:1 compression), Callies 4.000-inch stroke forged steel crankshaft, Manley 6.125-inch fully machined, forged steel connecting rods, computer balanced rotating assembly, stainless steel 2.100-inch intake/1.57-inch exhaust valves, Comp Cams double valve springs, titanium retainers, 10-degree locks and valve stem seals, three-angle valve job, Lingenfelter-designed Comp Cams hydraulic roller camshaft, high-volume oil pump, Fast composite intake manifold/Lingenfelter Hi Flow MAF, Dynatech Stainless long-tube headers with Hi Flow cats/x pipe system, Z-06 clutch, Stage Four T-56 transmission, Custom HRE wheels, Brembo brakes, and Michelin Pilot tires.

* 616 hp
* 585 lb-ft of torque at the flywheel
* Max rear wheel hp: 535
* Max rear wheel torque: 510

Corp_0802_16_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 2003_50th_anniversary_chevy_corvette_z06_and_a_1993_40th_anniversary_chevy_corvette 17/23

David Minton ::: Two Cool Shorts Standing Side-By-Side
Ft. Worth, TX
'93 40th Anniversary, '03 50th Anniversary

Ok, they are not Sting Rays, but they are cool-a white '93 40th Anniversary, and an Electron Blue '03 50th Anniversary. I found the '93 locally, with over 100,000 miles on it. It was love at first sight, and after inspecting the car to ensure it was truly a treasure, I made it mine. After I had owned it for two years, I found the 50th Anniversary in North Carolina. It was everything I could have hoped for, with only 8,500 miles on it. Right now I'm in heaven with two dream cars I never thought I would have.

Corp_0802_17_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1967_chevrolet_stingray_coupe 18/23

Greg Blake ::: Thrust Generator
Slidell, LA
'67 Sting Ray coupe

My father bought this car (shown here next to a Saturn V rocket stage) in 1980, and we drove it from Seattle, Washington, to Montgomery, Alabama. In 1985, he gave it to me when I started college. I painted it in 1991 and rebuilt the original 327 in 2003. It now has a 268H Comp Cam, forged flat-top pistons, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, and a 670-cfm Holley carb. The 462 double-hump heads have been ported with a three-angle valve job. I added a Mallory Unilight tach drive distributor, High Fire CD box, and a Be Cool radiator and fan. The suspension has poly bushings, big sway bars, and KYB shocks. I stored the original parts away just in case. I drive it to cruise nights and shows.

Corp_0802_18_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1970_chevrolet_corvette_lt1_convertible 19/23

Larry G. ::: Chehalis Valley Cruiser
Monesano, WA
'70 LT-1 Convertible

I always wanted a convertible Vette. In September 2003, my wish came true with this matching-numbers '70 LT-1 convertible. It's my daily driver, when the Washington rain isn't pounding down. It was sold new in Oregon, and stayed there until I bought it. It came with a binder of owner names, copy of registrations, and some researched facts and messages from some of the previous owners.

I go to a few Vette shows, but mainly it is just for me to enjoy owning and driving. I get my Corvette addiction cured in three ways: driving one, reading the Fever, and with the gang at

Corp_0802_19_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1988_chevy_corvette)convertible 20/23

Mike And Barbara Nelson ::: Buuden
Charlotte, NC
'88 Corvette convertible

Nothing says "adventure" like the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, our '88 C4, and fall. My husband has always wanted a Vette, and about 4 years ago, we found this dream come true. As you can see, he takes great pride in Buuden. We call her Buuden, because when we bought her, I told him I would be happy to have a Vette that went "buuden-buuden," but not one that goes "blama-lama." Buuden purrs like a kitten through the turns and high adventure of the road. I checked the net archives of your magazine and didn't find an '88 featured, so I hope you will accept this one on our behalf.

Corp_0802_20_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1964_chevrolet_corvette_stingray_coupe 21/23

Glenn Lemay ::: Crewdog's Delight
Hurlburt Field, FL
'64 Sting Ray coupe

Here's my numbers-matching '64 Sting Ray, with a fresh 327 and 86,000 miles on the body. I bought it over a year ago, and the exterior work was already done, and I've since redone the interior. It's a daily driver that turns a lot of heads. I've always wanted one, and I bought it as a retirement present after 30 years in the United States Air Force, most recently as a Crewdog on an AC 130 Gunship.

Corp_0802_21_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 2002_chevy_corvette_zo6_and_a_2005_chevy_corvette_six_speed_and_chevy_corvette_power_wheels 22/23

Jeff Sohn ::: Three Generations (No Waiting)
Bloomington, IL
'02 Z06, '05 Six-speed

Here is a photo of three generations of Corvette owners in my family:
Jeff (Electron Blue '02 Z06)
Larry, my dad (orange '05 C5 six-speed);
Andy, age 8 (C5R)
Adam, age 5 (C5 convertible)
Alex, age 2 (C4 convertible).Corvettes rule!

Corp_0802_22_z Custom_chevrolet_corvettes 1965_396_425_chevrolet_corvette_stingray_convertible 23/23

Marc Nebenzahl ::: Seen another like it?
Southern CA
'65 396/425 Sting Ray convertible

I've been a Corvette collector for many years and part of the NCRS group here in Southern California. Here is one of my very special, award-winning Corvettes.

This '65 is a 396/four-speed convertible. This car is extremely rare, and may be the last one in existence with a 425 HP 396 and this color combination (red/red and white interior/white top). It has been frame-off restored and is flawless. After researching this car and using my NCRS contacts, I found there were very few '65 Sting Ray convertibles made with the 396 and this color combination. it may be the last one of its kind left around in mint condition.



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