1967 Chevrolet Corvette - Fever 4 Fun

Bernie And Betty Caesber Know How To Live It Up In Their '67 Coupe

Tom Shaw Feb 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Inside are leather buckets as part of a teal blue interior. New seat covers and carpets were needed, but the dashpads are original. Factory air conditioning keeps the climate comfy in Florida's high humidity. Power steering, power brakes, power windows, and tinted glass all the way around add to the pleasure of taking the stylish coupe for a spirited spin.

"After a frustrating two-and-a-half-year restoration, it is a true pleasure to have '67 Fever back on the road for weekend cruises," Bernie says.

The greatest challenge in the restoration was having patience with the body shop's slow pace. But now that waiting is all behind them, and Bernie and Betty are enjoying the Corvette's many virtues.

At our photo shoot, Bernie told us he had the original 427 prepped for installation back into the Corvette, but was enjoying the lively small-block so much that he was in no hurry to convert it back to a 427. Sounds like a problem we'd all like to have. Polishing the fenders is all well and good, but there comes a time when you just have to jump in, spin the key, grab a few gears, and let the Corvette stretch its legs. That's the kind of fun that's just so infectious, like . . . well, a fever.




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