1964 Chevrolet Corvette - Arrest Me Red Rider

CF Takes One Last Look At The Timber Wolf C2

Alan Colvin Feb 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
Corp_0802_01_z 1964_chevrolet_corvette 2/17

Our Timber Wolf C2 build wrapped up last month. If you've been following the project, you know we turned a run-down, beat-up '64 coupe into a ground-pounding, red rocket in about six months. Personally, seeing this car go down the road was bittersweet. While the quick build took a lot of hard work from many people (including all our awesome sponsors), the car turned out fabulous. In fact, if I were to build a C2 Vette Rod, I would build it just like we did the Timber Wolf. Maybe I will get the chance to do just that at some point in the future.

When the car was finished, we knew we only had a narrow window of time to properly photograph the car before it was shipped to Timber Wolf/Swedish Match. Jerry Heasley was able to meet me in Arizona, and he did another great job of capturing the car's true essence. The following photos were shot at the South Mountain Park Preserve in Phoenix, Arizona. I want to thank Tim Merritt (park manager), P.J. Conover (park ranger III), Daniel Gronseth (park ranger II), and the rest of the staff at the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department for allowing us special access to several off-limit areas of the park to shoot the car. Thanks so much guys! As you can see, the extra effort was well worth the price of admission. This was a special CF build for all of us. My personal thanks goes out to everyone involved. It was a great ride!




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