1958 Chevrolet Corvette Found - Rare Corvette Finds Part 1

You Just Never Know Where YouWill Find Your Next Corvette

Tom's message went like this: "HeySteve. Tom here. I've been thinking anddecided that I would sell you theCorvette. You have more time to work onit than I do and a better place to work onit. I guess I've had it long enough."

I called Tom back and told him Iwanted to get the car that night. Hereplied that he wouldn't be able to getthe car out of where it was that quickly. Ijust told him that I would help him. Itwould be fun to work along Tom to digout the Corvette. I had 15 minutes left ofwork, and I couldn't get out of there fastenough. I ran to the bank and got thecash. I then ran home and got the truckand trailer and went to Tom's house,which was about an hour away.

When I got there, Tom already had thecar dug out and pushed into the yardback in the alley. We shook hands andwent into his house to make the deal.Tom had the original California title,Minnesota title, and all paperwork to thecar. He had the previous owner's name,address, and phone number, and everypiece of paper that belonged to the car. Icounted out the bills, and he made out aproper receipt and signed it over.

We got outside and got the trailerready. I was surprised at how light thatcar was when we pushed it onto thetrailer. We got it winched down, and westood there looking at it. I think both ofus were near tears. I was amazed thatTom sold it to me, and Tom was amazedthat the car now belonged to someoneelse. I asked Tom why he decided to sell itto me instead of one of his best friends.Tom said, "We've known each other for along time, Steve. I'm glad the Corvette isgoing to a home where I know it will beappreciated instead of some collector,who will put it in his climate-controlledliving room. I know you will take care ofit and drive it. This should also tell youthat we might be closer friends than youthink." I just looked at Tom and felt abond that was amazing.

bond that was amazing.I hated to leave and wanted to justhang out with Tom, but it was gettinglate. I had to get back to work, and Iwanted to make sure the car wassecured right away that night. Now, neitherTom nor I are the kind of guys whohug other guys, but we did--and it wasright, man.

I called my brother, Merle, and toldhim I needed to put a car I just bought inhis garage for the night. When I gotthere, he about fell down when he sawTom's Corvette on the trailer. He said,"Did you buy it? Why did he sell it to you,I've known him longer than you?"




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