1964 Sting Ray Coupe - Executive Privileges

Bunkie Knudsen's One-Off '64 Sting Ray Coupe

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GPV-57: Special Equipment
(That The Boss Wanted On It)

When Semon "Bunkie" Knudsen wanted something on-or off-a production car during his tenure as General Manager of Pontiac, then Chevrolet, he got it. That went for his "company cars," which included this '64 Sting Ray coupe built by Chevrolet Styling and Chevrolet Engineering as "GPV-57."

Items Unique To This Car Include:
*A larger front grille opening with an "egg-crate" pattern grille, similar to the one that became the production '67 Sting Ray grille
*Unique front bumpers, not used on subsequent midyears, mounted higher on the body than the production bumpers were
*Unique hood with deeper recesses than the production 1964 hood
*Unique finned side exhausts, similar in design to the optional side exhaust offered on the '69 Stingray
*Non-production chrome underhood pieces including fan, valve covers, ignition shroud, and master cylinder top
*Two-prong knock-off wheels, similar to the early '63 optional wheels, tinted blue to match the body color
*DuPont Firefrost Blue lacquer paint (an optional Cadillac color not available on production Corvettes), with special body preparation before paint was applied by Chevrolet Styling's paint shop
*Unique high-back bucket seats and door panels, upholstered in white leather
*Console covered in white leather to match seats/door panels
*Dashboard covered with "grained" pattern, instead of smooth vinyl
*Power windows and power vent windows, with switches on center console
*Unique tilt-and-telescope steering column, with teak steering wheel
*Unique chrome floor grilles
*Black cut-pile carpeting (instead of production loop-pile carpet), sourced from Cadillac's carpet supplier
*Special Michigan license plate with "Manufacturers Plate" in place of "Water Wonderland" at bottom (as used on other Chevrolet and GM Engineering/prototype cars of that era)

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