Chevrolet Corvette C5 - Tricks of the Trade

We Use Project C5X To Showcase What You Should Look For When Buying Your Next C5

Alan Colvin Nov 1, 2007 0 Comment(s)

Back in our September issue, we introduced you to the newest member of the Corvette Fever family: Project C5X. We have joined forces with Mid America Motorworks (MAM) as the key sponsor for the project and are excited we are finally getting to work together with MAM on a big project like this.

We plan on building this C5 with some of the more basic upgrades you would consider on your own C5, but still plowing new ground so that the readership can be exposed to some new ideas for their own C5. Here are a few ideas we have in store for Project C5X:

Air Intake Upgrade/Dyno Run
Exhaust Upgrade/Dyno Run
Header Upgrade/Dyno Run
Intake Upgrade/Dyno Run
New Cam & Heads Upgrade/Dyno Run
Brake & Suspension Upgrade
Upgrade Interior with custom embroidered seats, shifter boot, carpet and mats
Upgrade stereo
Upgrade shifter
Upgrade Headlights (HID) and taillights

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we plan do over the next couple of years.

Corp_0711_03_z C5_corvette_inspection Garage 2/68

When we picked up Project C5X in Atlanta, American Sportscar Center put the car up on the lift in their fully-equipped service department for a serious final inspection. This inspection was so thorough, we decided to document the procedures they use on every car they sell. We will share those procedures with you as a mini C5/C6 buyer's guide.

As you will see here, as the inspection progresses, you will work all the way around the vehicle. Make sure you take notes as you go over the car. For an even more comprehensive inspection, you can also check the internal engine and transmission condition (with various test procedures) if the owner will allow it. You can hire an ASE certified mechanic to check the car as well.

Follow along so you can be an expert the next time you buy your next late-model Corvette.




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