1973 Motion Manta Ray Corvette - The Motion Corvette Phenomena

The Pinnacle Of Corvette Exotics And The Last Of A Nearly Extinct Supercar Species

Tom Shaw Apr 2, 2008 0 Comment(s)

A previous owner had pulled the engine and replaced it with another 350. Rayburn may be close to tracking it down, but in the meantime, Joel found a correctly date-coded block and heads, and built it, adding his traditional dyno tune.

Corp_0711_12_z 1973_motion_manta_ray_corvette Corvettes 2/13

This one-of-a-kind Corvette has made the rounds of the Corvette shows, and garnered invitations to the prestigious concours d'elegance shows, Supercar Reunion, Franklin Mint show, and numerous Corvette gatherings.

Rayburn says the driving experience is a blast, and he's also been known to take it on the dragstrip. The car draws big crowds wherever it goes. At this photo shoot, on the grounds of the National Corvette Museum, an onlooker told Rayburn there were two real Motion Corvettes in Missouri, not realizing that he was looking at one of them.

After owning it for 19 years, Rayburn is approaching retirement and considering selling his unique Manta Ray Corvette. We've got a feeling that when it goes up for sale, it won't go begging for a buyer as it did 20 years earlier.




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