1970 Chevrolet Corvette - Pure

In Terry Ricer's '70 LT1 Roadster Lays The Essence Of Corvette Magic

Tom Shaw Jul 6, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Hood: All LT1s used the big-block hood as standard equipment.

Because of its rarity, Terry chose to restore the LT1 rather than customize it. the job is coming along nicely, although he says he is only 70 percent of the way there. Terry's goal is to win an NCRS Top Flight award.

During its rehab, Terry discovered some "extra" fuel plumbing, used to burn fuel tank emissions rather than vent them into the atmosphere. This was part of the California emissions package. The car's history is pretty cloudy, but now he knows it originally came from California. He also knows that one of the previous owners really detuned the LT1, putting a small 600-cfm Holley in place of the original and installing a mild hydraulic cam. Needless to say, the LT1's high-winding nature was drastically altered.

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Office: The interior of this LT1 is all business.

Returning the engine to its stock configuration uncovered a whole new character. With its 3.70:1 Posi-traction axle, the Corvette pulls hard all the way to the 6,500-rpm redline. Terry tells us that fuel mileage is nothing to brag about, as he logs 10-12 mpg and gets around 150 miles per tank. More would be better in today's climate, but you've gotta admit that each gallon went for a good cause.

"It's a blast!" Terry says of the driving experience. He is pretty active at Corvette events in his area, as well as on his favorite web site, www.c3vr.com, and finds that a lot of show-goers don't know what the LT1 is all about. "Most people don't know what it is. They know its something different because it's got the big-block hood. I end up answering a lot of questions."

Yes, the questions. To those restless souls on a quest for knowledge, to the truly curious, to the deep seekers on a pilgrimage to encounter the rich and true Corvette experience, they have come to the right place. The LT1 is the genuine, the authentic, the untainted. The Pure.




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