1962 Chevrolet Corvette - Ad Hoc

This '62 Is More C5 Than C1

Kevin Shaw May 5, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Rolling Stock: Jeff wanted the yellow to permeate the entire vehicle build. The body color even appears on the factory calipers that clamp down on the dimpled and perforated rotors.

The C5 fuel tank required that the C1 trunk be raised to accommodate the factory location. This modification took raising the trunk pan 3 inches across the tail. to house the proposed LS6, the engine bay was blocked, smoothed, and painted the same as the body color. "Special attention," Jeff says, "was taken to maintain the placement and layout of the components consistent with the C5 arrangement. The interior is a great blend of new and old. The C5 dash was shortened approximately 2 1/2 inches. This provided the C5 comfort and convenience with tilt steering, computer functions, A/C, heat, and a modern stereo. The custom '62 seats and panels-made from black and yellow leather-were provided by Leon Gandy of Sumter, South Carolina. The seats and panels include body color accents."

The '62's gasoline-fueled motivation comes from an LS6 crate motor with enough work and fine tuning to match the man-hours poured into the body. Supercharged, the worked-over plant sports polished cylinder heads, valve covers, alternator, water pump, pulleys, and the whole engine block, along with a king's portion of steel braided lines. The Magnuson puts the screws to the Z06 plant via 7 pounds of boost and chilled by an intercooler. A MTI Racing composite mass-air-flow sensor and K&N filter ensure the small block gets plenty of O2. While the powertrain was at MTI's Marietta, Georgia, facility, it got custom-built, ceramic-coated, long-tube headers that flow into a completely stainless exhaust system featuring a crossover pipe. It doesn't have catalytic converters because the car is registered as a '62.

Before leaving MTI, dyno testing resulted in 480 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels, equating to roughly 560 at the flywheel. Of course, since Jeff swears the Corvette is used primarily for showing off and "pleasure," we think by that he means boiling off the tires whenever his right leg needs to stretch.

Brilliant in '67 Canary Yellow, the body is the most striking feature on this ride with much thanks to Mickey Stackes of Lancaster, South Carolina, for his artistic eye and Roger Moseley of Kershaw, South Carolina, for his flawless paint job. With a totaled tally of 4,000 documented man hours in the body alone, this Corvette proudly shows every minute of it.




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