1959 Chevrolet Corvette -Trick And Treat

Going Big With A 454-Toting '59 Roadster That's Definitely Not A Trailer Queen

Kevin Shaw Dec 8, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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No neophyte to the world of desirable Vettes, Joseph Raia has kept a Corvette in his garage since 1960 when he was first courting the girl who would later become his wife. in fact, said Corvette was the inspiration for the purchase of this featured vehicle. The elusive '59 was followed by a sequence of rare, unique, and characteristically "Josephized" Chevrolets; the array of machines included a numbers-correct '67 427 coupe punched out to 496 cubes and a split-window fuelie. His eight-car home garage contains a fabrication shop with enough equipment to deconstruct and rebuild projects at his leisure.

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While attending Orlando's '00 NCRS regional meet and auction, Joseph's wife spotted this black-and-red drop-top as it cornered the bidding line. The previous owner was upside down in the car after putting over $100,000 into the '59's restoration. The car had been bounced from one specialty shop to another for years, with the bills accruing to the point of near nausea, forcing the owner to rid himself of the roadster. Joseph's wife recognized the '59 as a near identical clone of their first Corvette and coaxed her husband into purchasing the six-figure convertible for her.

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Small-Block: Too much is better than not enough, and this limited-edition, World Products small-block 454 is exactly that. With 600 horses on tap, the 9.8:1 compression plant is built with a specialty cast block that is thicker, cooler, and stronger than anything out of the factory in 1959. Aluminum heads and an Edelbrock intake topped with dual 500-cfm carburetors finish off the weight-saving package.

Of course, the elation wasn't totally one sided; Joseph's excitement for a new acquisition was evident as he repeatedly jumped to his feet thrashing the air with both arms during the bidding. his enthusiasm paid off as the keys and pink slip were handed over after the fall of the gavel.

Heading back north to their Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, home, Joseph realized just how truly anemic the factory 270-horse plant was. Composing an ethereal checklist in his mind, replacing the feeble 283 with a big-cube combination crept to the top of Joseph's inventory.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss, and Joseph's radical '59 roadster exemplifies this philosophy. He knew the Corvette was immaculately restored, but most of the labor was hidden until he began tearing into the machine. With the cost of a modest home invested in the rebuild, Joseph smiled when he saw how meticulously the Corvette had been returned to its factory-built glory. Immense care was taken to protect the car while the small-block was extracted. In lieu of rebuilding the 283 into a stroked, hi-revving version of its once former self, Joseph adhered to the timeless hot-rodder credo: Go big or go home.

With that in mind, a limited-edition World Products Motown 454 was ordered. The race-prepped blocks are completely reconfigured castings with expanded water jackets, extra-thick cylinder walls for extra overbore, and larger oiling journals.

What distinguishes this 454 from any other is this 454 is a small-block. Dyno proven at 600 ponies matched with 605 lb-ft of torque, the Motown-made iron block is topped with the brand's own aluminum heads filled with Manley valves and rockers and Hardcore springs. The 9.8:1 compression crate engine was finished with a MSD distributor, coil, and box, and topped with dual 500-cfm Edelbrock carburetors on a dual-quad intake from the same manufacturer.




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