2007 Chevrolet Corvette - It's All In The Details

CF Gives You The Lowdown On The New '07 Corvette

Alan Colvin Mar 5, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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Suspension And Brakes
The Z06 retains the 105.7-inch (2686mm) wheelbase of other Corvette models, as well as the short-long arm suspension and transverse leafspring design, but it rides on all-new wheels, tires, and brakes, as well as its own rear spring and roll stabilizer.

The firmer suspension works harmoniously with large 18x9.5-inch, cast-spun aluminum wheels and 275/35ZR18 tires in the front, and 19x12-inch, cast-spun aluminum wheels with 325/30ZR19 tires in the rear-the largest wheel-and-tire combination ever offered on a Corvette. The tires use the latest extended-mobility technology from Goodyear to provide a satisfactory ride, but still allow the vehicle to achieve lateral acceleration of more than 1 g. The extended-mobility tires eliminate the need and weight for a spare tire and jack or inflator kit, while also reducing the chance of a sudden loss of handling capability.

Complementing the suspension system and large rolling stock is an equally capable four-wheel disc-brake system, consisting of 14-inch (355mm) vented and cross-drilled front rotors and 13.4-inch (340mm) vented and cross-drilled rear rotors.

The front rotors are acted upon by huge, red-painted six-piston calipers that use six individual brake pads. Individual brake pads are used because they deliver more equalized wear compared to what would otherwise be a pair of very long single-piece pads. For the rear brakes, four-piston calipers with four individual brake pads are used. A Delphi four-channel ABS system is standard, as is a competent active handling system complete with a Competitive Driving mode.

Z06 Design Details
The Z06 has an unmistakable and aggressive appearance with design cues that include:

* A wide front fascia with a large, forward-facing grille opening, a splitter along the bottom, and wheel-opening extensions along the sides to provide aerodynamic downforce.
* A cold-air scoop in front of the hood that integrates an air-inlet system for the engine.
* The trailing edge of the front wheel opening is radiused to achieve improved drag, but protects the body finish with a tough molding, and a large air extractor is located behind the wheel.
* A fixed-roof body style optimizes body rigidity and mass.
* Wider rear fenders with flares cover the massive rear tires, and a brake cooling scoop in front of the wheels visually balances the fender extractor.
* A tall rear spoiler houses the CHMSL on the top of the rear fascia.
* 10-spoke wheels (18-inch, front; 19-inch, rear).
* Four larger stainless steel exhaust outlets.
* Z06 badging on the carbon-fiber front fenders.

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The aerodynamics of the Z06's exterior were shaped by the experiences of the Corvette racing program, where high-speed stability and cornering capability are paramount. And while the race cars use large rear wings, the Z06's elevated spoiler provides sufficient downforce to balance the road-worthy front splitter without adversely affecting aerodynamic drag. The Z06's Cd is .34.

For all its race-inspired functionality, the Z06 is designed to be a daily drivable high-performance vehicle. To that end, comfort and convenience are held to a very high standard. High-Intensity Discharge lighting, fog lamps, leather seating, dual-zone air conditioning, cabin air filtration, and head-up display (HUD) with track mode and g-meter are standard.

The Z06 gauge cluster displays the Z06 logo on the 7000-redline tachometer and has a readout on the oil-pressure gauge to reflect the higher standard pressure of the dry-sump oiling system. The seats feature two-tone leather surfaces, with Z06-logo embroidery and contrasting stitching.

Z06 options include a Bose audio system with an in-dash six-CD changer, polished wheels, a telescoping steering wheel, heated seats, side-impact air bags, a navigation system with GPS, universal home remote, OnStar (new for 2007), and XM Satellite Radio.

OnStar-equipped Corvettes feature OnStar dual-mode (analog-digital) equipment. OnStar's digital equipment also includes enhanced hands-free voice recognition capabilities including more intuitive continuous digit dialing and improved voice recognition accuracy. Using the GPS satellite network and wireless technology, OnStar features core safety services and OnStar hands-free calling that allow drivers to make and receive voice-activated phone calls using an externally-mounted antenna for greater reception.


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