1996 Chevrolet Corvette Collector Edition - Hatching The Perfect Scheme

Turning A Collector Edition Corvette Into A Targa Terror

Jerry Heasley Dec 1, 2006 0 Comment(s)
Corp_0612_07_z 1996_chevy_corvette_collector_edition Engine_view 2/17

Hood The chrome and flames are a beacon for show patrons. notice the JET control box and trio of K&N filters mounted to a red SLP cold air kit.

With the LT4 producing a factory-tuned 330 hp, Brian chose to eke out just a little bit more. A SLP cold-air induction kit was mated to the intake with a triad of K&N filters, all of it powdercoated in matching Torch Red. A Granitelli MAS was installed, while a JET power control module helped ramp up the performance curve. a B&B Triflow Performance exhaust system expel the spent gases out the back via dual pairs of chrome tips. Michelin Pilot Sport tires keep the silver Vette from sliding all over the road when Brian stands on the skinny pedal.

Corp_0612_08_z 1996_chevy_corvette_collector_edition Painted_flames 3/17

But all of this didn't happen overnight. Remember Brian's credo about "stock appearances?" Well, that didn't last too long. Brian adhered a couple pairs of "LT4" badges to the fenders and quarters, which snowballed into adding custom rocker panels with the same LT4 badges, then LED brake lights, a M-1 Prowler spoiler, and a head-to-toe chrome accent kit, including polished door handles, a front fascia license plate insert, a set of taillight chrome louvers, and rear "Corvette" letters all from Mid America Motorworks. Taking a breather to observe his work, Brian realized the engine compartment needed the same treatment. Triple-plated chrome accents cover nearly every surface, based on solid brass and coated with a flawless satin finish.

The elephant in the room that has yet to be mentioned is the custom Targa hatch that replaced the original glass greenhouse. Supplied by Vanacor Corvette Parts, the hatch is available with a removable pane of glass when the Targa needs to be buttoned up. Compatible with factory roof panels, the silver Targa replacement hatch sets Brian's Collector's Edition apart from the rest.

Corp_0612_09_z 1996_chevy_corvette_collector_edition Intakes 4/17

Intake Like a high-performance snorkel, the three heavy breathing intake tubes draw in healthy gulps of needed air to feed the hungry LT4.

Brian farmed out the paint and bodywork to Erick Faust of Louisville, Kentucky. The flames applied by Taylor's House of Color in Louisville are "a little out there," admits Brian, but make for a nice custom hot rod look, pouring out from the side vents and underneath the clamshell hood.

With all the modifications (rating 370 hp at the flywheel) under the hood and out, it makes for one of the most distinguished C4s to grace the pages of Corvette Fever. Recently, Wil Cooksey, Corvette assembly plant manager, selected Brian's Targa coupe as his celebrity pick at one of the National Corvette Museum shows.




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