1965 Chevrolet Corvette - Rough Around The Edges

A '65 396/425-Horse Driver That's Not Perfect, But Close Enough

Kevin Shaw Aug 17, 2009 0 Comment(s)

Engine :::
The first year for a big-block in a Corvette, the 396 L78 made one hell of a first impression, making well over 400 hp (an estimated 425 at the flywheel) in 1965. Only the Super Stock Hemi-powered Dodges and 427 side-oiler Fords made comparable power in those days, and they couldn't handle worth a darn.

Where's The Radio? Designed for performance over luxury, Gregory's Sting Ray was ordered without a radio. The sound of the side pipes would probably drown out the sound anyway. TIRES ::: Gregory boasts that these Pirelli rubbers are made for smoking. The stout 4.11 positraction rear gears promise it. UNVEILING ::: Found in a barn under a drop cloth, the L78 still brandishes its original California plates. BREAK TIME ::: Brothers Chuck and Gregory take a break from thrashing on their chassis-on restoration.

Gregory Janko's '65 Corvette by the Numbers
General Information

Year: 1965
Make: Chevrolet
Series: 94
Model: Corvette
Engine: 396 ci
Horsepower: 425
Transmission: Four-Speed Muncie
Engine Code suffix: IF

Casting No.: 3855962
Main: Four-bolt

Cylinder Head
Casting No.: 3856208 (Cast Iron)
Intake/Exhaust Valve Size: 2.19/1.72
Combustion Chamber: 108.98

Intake Manifold (Aluminum)
Casting No.: 3866963

Holley 4150
List No. 3124
Exhaust Manifolds
Casting (Left Hand) No. 3856301
Casting (Right Hand) No. 3856302

Stamping No.: 1111093
Engine/HP/Application: 396/425 hp
Housing: Cast Iron External Adjustment
Point: Mag Pulse
Notes: Tach Drive

1100696, 42 Amp, All 396 IT

Four-Speed Close Ratio Muncie M21
Maincase: Aluminum
Extension Housing: Aluminum
Type: Synchromesh, all forward gears
Gear Ratios
1st: 2.20:1
2nd: 1.64:1
3rd: 1.28:1
4th: Direct
Reverse: 2.27:1
Maincase Casting No.: 3851325
Extension Housing Casting No
3846429 (until 2/65)
3857584 (after 2/65)
Sidecover Casting No.: 3831707


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