Electronic Fuel Injection Corvette Conversions - EFI Your Small-Block!

Fuel Injection Made Easy From FAST

Steve Dulcich Oct 1, 2006 0 Comment(s)
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In an EFI system, we find a throttle body in the location normally occupied by the carburetor. The throttle body only meters the air flow into the engine, and handles none of the fuel.

Is there EFI in the future of your seasoned Vette? It's pretty hard to ignore the drivability of modern systems that continually adjust the fuel and spark to their optimal settings as you drive. Equipped with modern controls, you're practically rolling down the road with an ace tune-up man wrenching away under the hood at all times. An expertly calibrated fuel-injection system can eliminate the temperamental nature that some carbureted installations can exhibit, and make driving the pleasure it was intended to be. Everything you need is readily available from EFI specialty companies such as FAST, so what are you waiting for?

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Serving as the "brains" of an EFI system is the electronic control unit. The new FAST XFI box is a state-of-the-art aftermarket engine control system with greater flexibility and more user-friendliness than ever before. Changes to the hardware and accompanying software expanded the capabilities of the system, allowing control over the full spectrum of engine fuel and timing functions, as well as auxiliary outputs to control a variety of additional devices, including everything from torque converter lock-up to fan actuation. Multiple LED's on the FAST XFI box confirm inputs from crank, cam (if applicable), ignition trigger, and power, while a second series shows cylinder firing output.

Dyno Results
Carb vs. EFISuperflow 901 Engine Dyno Tested at Westech Performance Group STP Correction Factor




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