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Millennium Yellow 2001 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Coupe - It Yourself Z06 Corvette

Some Assembly Required

Kevin Shaw Apr 1, 2006
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Dennis Robertson of Little rock, Arkansas, not only owns this wild Millennium Yellow Z06 '01 Corvette coupe, but he even helped build it while it was on the assembly room floor! Not too bad for someone who isn't even an employee of Chevrolet.

Dennis had wanted a Corvette since he was a 12-year-old, and has owned several over his 57 years, including a '97 coupe, a '98 Pace Car convertible, a '99 convertible, and another droptop-an '00.

When the time came for Dennis to jump behind the wheel of the new LS6-powered Z06, he found himself with a golden opportunity. Judy Ray of Ray Chevrolet in Cabot, Arkansas, was able to pull some strings to get Dennis on the trim line in the Bowling Green, Kentucky, plant to watch his Millennium Yellow Z06 go down the line. Dennis walked with the gradually assembled car, even filling the vital fluids and sitting behind the wheel as it was started for the first time.

Even after the keys were given to Dennis at the Kentucky plant, the development and growth of his Z06 didn't stop. With wife Sarajane's assistance and approval, Dennis undertook a modification aesthetics program to rival that of some major shops and tuners. Dennis personally installed and painted every aftermarket piece on this Corvette, a matter of pride for him. Dennis added the Motor City hood, choosing the design for its heritage styling of the classic L88 big-blocks of the late '60s.

Dennis, a medical executive with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is no stranger to surgery. With the help of his brother, a surgeon, carbon-fiber stripes were crafted down the hood and deck lid. Upon closer inspection, the talent is found in the details, as the stripes circumvent the cross flags out back. Dennis also painted and installed the Caravaggio canards and ACP tail spoiler, adding to the Corvette's already sporty styling.

Dennis bolted giant CCW SP20-A 19x10 wheels in front and 19x11 in rear, wrapped with road-course worthy 275x30-19 and 305x30-19 rubber, respectively. keeping the Corvette's performance all GM, '04 Z06 shocks were slid into place, Dynatech Supermaxx long tube headers with free-flow cats and an x-pipe tunnel all the gases out beneath the rear fascia through GM factory titanium mufflers. The LS6 engine runs great from the factory, so Dennis left it alone. What he did do was unbolt as much as he could and repainted it in the eye-scorching Millennium Yellow found throughout the car.

Dennis couldn't leave the cabin alone. Rewrapping the seats with black and yellow Italian leather by Vette Essentials, he installed a digital satellite XM radio. In addition, Dennis painted the center console, lower door panels, and driver and passenger knee bolsters in Millennium Yellow. But that's not all, the glove compartment door, seat hoops, rear partition separating the forward and rear compartments, C6 shift knob, shift boot, arm rests, and door pulls were all painted the same yellow, making this Corvette look like the inside of a beehive. The majority of the interior materials hailed from Vette Essentials.

Dennis and Sarajane regularly take the yellow Z06 out for drives, thrashing corners and buckling the asphalt wherever they go.

The process is ongoing, and we can't wait to see what new and, most likely, yellow modifications Dennis chooses to make on this wildly rowdy 2001.

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