Corvette Fever 2006 New Products Guide

A guide to some of the latest and greatest new products for your Corvette


Through The Hoop

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With people making their factory stock Corvettes faster and faster,Racefab, Inc. figured it was time to try and keep all those speed freaksa little safer by introducing their unique Corvette Roll Hoops for C5Vettes. The roll hoops are fabricated with precision fixtures andapproved racing-harness mounting points, and are certified by the SportsCar Club of America. Handcrafted from DOM round tubing and TIG welded,each kit comes with its own installation guide, making it a one-man jobin the comfort of your own garage. The kit also comes with completehardware, including 3/8-inch mounting plates that allow for easy removalwhen not in competition. Info: Racefab,;(903) 683-1599.

A Really Big Shot in The Arm

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It takes one heck of a motor to require the cfm made by a HolleyDominator. As is with most speed demons, the itch to go even faster is aperpetual one. That is why Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) has introducedtheir new billet solenoid and Microswitch brackets designed specificallyfor the square flanges of Holleys (Models 4150 and 4500). CNc'd frombillet aluminum, anodized black, and laser engraved, the brackets aresome of the nicest pieces on the market today. made from qualitymaterials, these brackets will not twist or flex, giving consistentperformance from your nitrous system. Both parts are sold separatelythrough NOS and are available in a variety of applications. Info:Nitrous Oxide Systems, (800) HOLLEY-1;

Never Enough

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When is enough really enough? Many racers would say when the engine goesboom. some are scared to be in that neighborhood. But for those whowould like to dance the imaginary line between those two points,ProCharger has the thing for you: the new HO Intercooled ProChargerSystem for all C6 Corvettes. The ProCharger kit boasts an astounding600-plus horses out from the stock engine application with the properinstallation of their packaged kit. ProCharger advertises the coldestintake air-temperature charge with the industry's largest power gains inthe market. Their intercooler outperforms the leading brands in massairflow, and the P-1SC-1 polished supercharger comes with a standardthree-year warranty. Like all of ProCharger's kits, it is complete,including fuel injectors, computer programming, and all additionalhardware and plumbing. The first to produce a supercharger for the C5,ProCharger returns with the first for the C6. Info: ProCharger,;(913) 338-2886.

Spring Into Action

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Making a Corvette whip through the corners of your hometown or localneighborhood might not be too hard to accomplish, but things change whenyou're tearing through the hairpins and embankments of a racetrack.That's why LG Motorsports came out with this complete four-wheelcoilover suspension conversion for C5 and C6 Corvettes. The G2 Coil-Overkit includes customized Bilstein shocks, Hyperco springs fullyadjustable to your desired ride height, corner weights, and understeer.In addition, customized spring rates and shocks are available. ContactLG Motorsports, (972) 429-1963 or visit

Ride Right

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If you've switched your Corvette to those run-flat tires and carry nospare, this might be some good insurance to have. Test results andinformation about the longevity of these tires is extensive, but you cannever be too prepared--just ask a local Boy Scout. Firestone offers thisportable air system, which packs quite the wallop. The kit can punchupwards of 150 psi instantly, and in testing it doubled a 15-psi 31x10.5tire's pressure in 2 minutes. The kit includes the heavy-dutycompressor, a 12-foot power cable with brass alligator clips, a 25-footcoiled air hose, a tire-inflator tool with gauge, two blower nozzles, aneedle valve tool, and a heavy-duty carrying bag. Info: (800) 888-0650or visit


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