Corvette Fever 2006 New Products Guide

A guide to some of the latest and greatest new products for your Corvette


Flow Faster

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Precisely machined to incorporate a tapered and high-flowing throttlebore, the new FAST 4-barrel throttle bodies offer improved performanceby increasing the airflow rate entering the engine. Bored and machinedfrom 6061-T6 billet aluminum for consistent quality, excellentappearance, and light weight, the FAST 4-barrel throttle body deliverssmooth throttle operation throughout the engine's rpm range.Technologically advanced, the throttle bodies feature inward-openingblades to eliminate part-throttle directional influence to airflow. Theresult: higher airflow and more power. The FAST throttle bodies weredesigned so that all critical dimensions, such as height, bore spacing,and linkage attachment are identical to 4150- and 4500-stylecarburetors. FAST 4-barrel throttle bodies are available in the 4150(1,300 cfm) and 4500 (2,000 cfm) configurations. Info: Fuel Air SparkTechnology, (901) 260- 3278;

Tranny Time

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Classic Chevy 5-Speed has just released their new Ultimate Fit Vette kitfor C2 and C3 Corvettes. This kit allows Corvette owners to swap out theoriginal manual or automatic transmission for a new Tremec five-speedoverdrive without having to cut or modify the floorboard, console, orcar. A special mounting bracket adapts the Tremec transmission to thestock crossmember, and a custom slip yoke with removable caps allows thedriveshaft to be installed or serviced without removing the gear box.Each kit includes everything needed for installation, including athorough instruction guide and a free DVD showing all the steps. Info:Classic Chevy 5-Speed; (760) 230-2045;

What's Up Your Sleeves?

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Darton International proudly introduces an innovative, purpose-builtdry-sleeve kit for the new GM LS-2 block, designed for bores up to 4.125inches. These sleeves incorporate Darton's new seal-tight technology,are made from its famous high-strength Ductile Iron, and are designedspecifically for the new LS-2. The Darton Sleeve Kit incorporatesdimensional features to maximize fitment and installation ease. Thisdesign also promotes an oil-sealing feature to prevent contaminationbetween the sleeve and the cylinder wall. In addition, Darton hassimplified installation and created a technical brochure for properblock machining. Info: Darton International; (800) 713-2786;

Just Sit Down and Chill

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Vehicle seating has become very complicated these days with folding rearseats, integrated seat belts, side impact airbags, and more. For thosewho haul potentially messy cargo (e.g., kids, pets, workers, tools, andmore), quick and easy seat protection is important. That's why FitriteCar Seat Covers developed the SeatKeeper, an easy-on/easy-off,non-sliding seat cover.

With three styles for bucket seats, the commercial grade, non-skidbacking keeps the cover from sliding on leather. In addition, thePVC-coated fabric will stand up to tough situations and is cooler to siton than sun-heated leather or vinyl. Info: Seat Cover Specialties; (800)600-SEAT/7328;

Braking News

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The new C6 Corvette is here and Wilwood Engineering has the brakes tostop it. Wilwood has applied the same race-proven technology thatCorvette enthusiasts have enjoyed in the C4 and C5 Superlite Big Brakekits to deliver superior stopping power and show-winning style for thenew C6. Superlite six-piston front Big Brake kits and matched Superlitefour-piston rear Big Brake kits, with choices for 13 or 14-inch rotorsand red or black calipers, will add big performance and personalizedstyle to your Corvette. Info: Wilwood Engineering; (805) 388-1188;

New SixShooter in Town

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Barry Grant's latest SixShooter is dedicated to the Chevy big-block.Suiting oval and rectangular port configurations, it is comprised ofthree Demon 250-cfm two-barrel carburetors with associated throttlelinkage and fuel inlets; an elegant Triple-D intake manifold with aneat-looking water neck housing; and a distinctive Rush air cleanerarrangement.

Because of positioning, the big-block SixShooter provides an evenlydistributed and finely atomized charge to the cylinders. On dynamometertests, the SixShooter delivered 494 hp and 540-lb-ft torque comparedwith the Speed Demon 850 which produced 455 hp and 518-lb-ft torque.It's also easy to adjust with three screws, two for idle-mixture and onefor idle-speed. Since it cruises on its center carburetor, theSixShooter is surprisingly fuel-efficient. Info: Barry Grant; (706)864-8544;

Heat Exhaustion

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MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust now offers Corvette owners a completebolt-on stainless-steel exhaust system for the new '05 C6, improving itspower, sound, and looks. This true dual Cat-back exhaust system comescomplete with a MagnaFlow Tru-X crossover pipe, 2.5-inch mandrel-benttubing, polished dual mufflers, and polished double dual slash cut4-inch tips with a rolled edge. On the dyno, this system shows a maximumpower increase of 18hp and 19.5-lb-ft of torque, made possible byreduced backpressure due to MagnaFlow's straight through muffler designand the vacuum effect of the Tru-X crossover. This additional power,combined with a ten-pound weight reduction over the factory system,provides the C6 with a significant performance boost, which makes itselfknown through MagnaFlow's signature smooth, deep tone. Unlike thefactory system, MagnaFlow tucks the mufflers out of sight, allowing onlythe highly polished double dual 4-inch tips to be seen at the back ofthe car. Manufactured in the U.S. to ISO9001 quality standards,MagnaFlow's stainless steel exhaust products have a lifetime warranty.Info: MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust; (800) 824-8664;

Screening All Calls

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Update the front end of your new C6 Corvette with Zip Products newstainless-steel front-bumper grill screen. This screen installs behindthe factory grill or the factory grill can be completely removed formore of a custom look. The screen installs by removing the lower panelsand the grill retainers; then the screen slides into location and isheld in position using the existing retainers. The kit takes about onehour to install and includes instructions. Info: Zip Products Inc.;(800) 962-9632;

Flat Tappet Racket

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When production of Johnson-style flat tappet lifters ceased severalyears ago, it stunned the performance industry. Their departure caused ahuge problem obtaining flat tappets, eliminating what many enginebuilders considered the highest quality and most versatile tappetsavailable. COMP Cams proudly announces the return of Johnson-style flattappets for Chevrolet small-block and big-block applications, amongothers.

Built to precision tolerances creating an extremely durable product, thenew Johnson-style lifters utilize a universal oil metering bandlocation. In addition, these lifters feature a precision-ground crown onthe lifter face to ensure proper break-in and long life. For years,Johnson-style lifters set the standard for solid flat tappets and nowthe same high-quality lifters are again available for your engine.Contact: COMP Cams; (800) 999-0853;

Hi-Octane Heaven

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The new Hi Octane ZE Forged wheel is available in two or three-piecewheel designs in 17 to 22-inch sizes. Custom fitments for aggressive andstaggered deep-lip applications are also available. Hi Octane wheels canbe built to clear the biggest brake kits available. Finishes areavailable in powder coat, brushed satin, high polish, and paintedcenter. Info: ZE Forged; (866) 634-4626;


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