Corvette Fever 2006 New Products Guide

A guide to some of the latest and greatest new products for your Corvette


Fuelish Behavior

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Your engine's greatest enemy this winter may be the fuel inside it.Fortunately, Gold Eagle STA-BIL fuel stabilizer can protect your engineby keeping good gas from going bad. STA-BIL fuel stabilizer is an idealchoice for collector car enthusiasts who drive their prized automobilesinfrequently and store them in the fall.

STA-BIL is an additive designed to protect fresh fuel from oxidationduring storage or infrequent equipment use. When fuel reacts with oxygenin the air, it can quickly form gum and varnish deposits. In less than60 days these deposits can clog fuel lines, injectors, and fuel filters,which can cause startup problems, sluggish performance, and reducedengine life. STA-BIL eliminates these problems by keeping fuel fresh forup to 12 months and preventing gum and varnish build-up that can chokefuel lines, especially during months of storage. STA-BIL also acts as awater remover to prevent corrosion and rust caused by accumulatedcondensation in the fuel system. Contact: Gold Eagle, Chicago, IL; (800)621-1251;

Ignite your Fire

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For engine tuners who are serious about performance, ZEX has two newspark plugs that are custom tailored for your V-8 performance engine.

You've heard the hype about platinum and iridium. While these materialsare durable, there's a performance trade-off due to their highelectrical and thermal resistance. ZEX Igniter Core technology uses acopper electrode surrounded by a durable nickel shell to conductelectricity and heat over five times better than platinum and threetimes better than iridium. The result is more horsepower-producing sparkenergy and greater detonation resistance than either platinum oriridium. As an added benefit, groundbreaking Clean Fire technology usesthe spark from three additional ground straps to super-clean the centerelectrode and burn off excess carbon, ensuring maximum ignition powerand superior resistance to fouling.

For engines with bolt-on performance parts and computer tuning up to 400hp, the Power Tune plug is ideal. For those engines with nitrous,blowers, or turbos, the Power Racer plug will maximize performance inengines up to 700 hp. Contact: ZEX, Memphis, TN; (888) 817-1008;

Vintage Air Now Stocks KoolMat

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Rick Love, vice president of Vintage Air in Texas, recently announcedthat Vintage Air will include KoolMat insulation in its heat and soundcontrol product line. The 30-inch wide KoolMat will be a main course forthe floor/firewall/tunnel, kick panels, and transmission areas. Thematerial is installed prior to the air conditioning system and acts as ablanket to block hot air and absorb heat. It is .070-inch thick andflexible, so it will follow all contours of the floor.

KoolMat consists of a closed-cell fiberglass material that is cured to asilicone top layer. The bottom layer of white fiberglass withstands heatup to 12,000 degrees and, combined with the silicone, acts like aone-piece blanket and prevents heat from transferring into interiorareas, trapping it low in the frame areas. The materials are fusedtogether at a temperature of 10,000 degrees, enabling it to far outlastover 4,500-degree glued materials, which break down when exhausttemperatures reach their peak.

KoolMat resists weather, mildew, and abrasions, and lowers sound by 23decibels. KoolMat can be cut and trimmed for a perfect fit, but becomesa one-piece shield when seams are sealed with silicone on the top layer.Contact: Vintage Air; (800) TO-COOL-U 862-6658;; orKoolMat, Mooresville, NC; (877) 566-5369;"

Lighting the Way

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"For the first time, there is a DOT compliant High Intensity Discharge(HID) projection headlight assembly kit for the '97-'04 C5 Corvette, andas Corvette enthusiasts ourselves, Vette-HID is proud to bring it to theCorvette community," states Vette-HID President Brian Stange.

Developing an HID system for the Corvette has been an engineeringchallenge and required talents from all across the globe in a three-yearR&D effort to perfect the system. As the last hidden headlight car, theC5 packaging creates a unique set of circumstances--the limited size ofthe headlight assembly bucket and the operation of the pop-up headlightshad to be addressed.

Designed by ACA, a world-renowned Canadian automotive lighting firm, theunits incorporate German optics, polycarbonate lenses, OEM-qualityprecision-crafted headlamp and projection assemblies, and custom wiringharnesses developed exclusively for the C5. Final assembly of thecomponents is performed at facilities in California and at Vette-HID,Texas.

Performance is truly outstanding. The stock headlights on the C5 havelong been an area of concern for drivers, with the low beams deliveringonly 1000 lumens and the high beams just 1700 lumens. The Vette-HIDsystem is rated at 3200 lumens for the low beams and 2500 for the highbeams. Plus, thanks to a special 'C5 circuit' designed into the wiringharness by Vette-HID, the low beams remain on with the highs for addedillumination.

The Vette-HID system meets all current DOT standards specified in theFederal Motor Vehicle (and Canadian Motor Vehicle) Safety StandardFMVSS108, which covers automotive lighting.

The system comes in kit form and is "Plug and Play" with no wirecutting, soldering, or crimping required. The kit comes complete withall necessary components for the installation, including right and leftheadlamp assemblies, the full right and left side wiring harnesses, allmounting hardware, bulbs, Philips ballasts, and even double-sidedfoamtape for easier mounting of the ballasts.

These premium lights come with a 3-year limited warranty from themanufacturer. Contact: Vette-HID;

Spinning Wheel

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Maxton Manufacturing is now offering the Corvette Spinner Adapters tomate various Corvette spinners to aftermarket wheels. Give your wheelsan original Corvette look that ties them to your car's lineage. The kitsalso include mounting hardware, tools, and easy four-step instructionswith photos. Contact: Brad Maxton/Maxton Manufacturing; (715) 579-6928;


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