Corvette Fever 2006 New Products Guide

A guide to some of the latest and greatest new products for your Corvette


Charging Ahead

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European-based CTEK Sweden AB has announced it has established its U.S.headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, as the company prepares to introduceits battery chargers to the American marketplace. CTEK Power, Inc.specializes in the design and development of "the smartest batterychargers in the world" for all types of lead-acid batteries. Founded in1997, CTEK has established a reputation for innovation and productexcellence. CTEK is now the market leader in battery chargers throughoutEurope, including several original equipment partnerships.

Through years of advanced research in battery electronics andelectrochemistry, CTEK has developed a full line of battery chargerswith superior technology designed for both consumer and professional useto prolong 12V and 24V battery life.

As the world's smartest battery chargers, CTEK products utilize switchmode technology with foolproof cycle modes for battery recovery andmaintenance to ensure maximum battery life and performance. CTEKpatented protection technology guards against sparks, short circuit, andreverse polarity to eliminate fear or worry about charging a battery.With a sleek, sealed design, CTEK battery chargers are compact,lightweight and weatherproof, and approved for outdoor use. The premierline of CTEK battery chargers is available from specialty retailersthroughout the United States. Info: CTEK, (330) 963-0981;; e-mail:

Exhaust Shields Up

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P.A.Grinnell, manufacturers of Koolmat Insulation, is now manufacturinga 25,000-degree side exhaust shield to stop burns due to the Corvette'sside exhaust. The company is offering a two-shield program. The firstshield is a polished stainless outer cover that looks appealing and willnot tarnish. A second shield sits inside the polished stainless shieldto stop heat from penetrating the outside shield area and will stopburns to legs. The inside shield, called Heatmaster, is made of a25,000-degree NASA/BOEING insulation sandwiched between two inconelpieces, a high-grade textured aerospace panel, and is sealed withgrommets for easy installation. The Heatmaster inside-shield takes thehit instead of the polished cover. The same shield material has beensupplied to the Nextel Cup teams for their exhaust for the past sixyears. Info: Savitske Classic & Custom, (610) 346-8805; Koolmat, (877)566-5369;

Takin' It to the Streets

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Mickey Thompson's legendary race tire technology now comes to the streetwith their all-new ET Street Radial. Built using the latest in high-techradial construction techniques and years of drag racing experience incompound development, this D.O.T. approved, street-legal drag radialwill get your car down the track in record time and drive you home withan excellent ride. Many sizes are available, from a P235/60R15 to aP275/40R17, for Corvette applications.

The ET Street Radial features a soft drag tire compound for superiortraction, radial construction for reduced rolling resistance, and alow-void, directional tread pattern for maximum dry traction. All ETStreet Radials use a polyester ply, steel-belted design for strength anddurability. Info: Mickey Thompson, (800) 222-9092;

Dashing Good Looks

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Corvette America now offers new dash components that give your C5interior a custom look without the expense of carbon fiber, aluminum, orcarved wood materials. The technology of Water Transfer Painting makesit possible to "print" finely detailed patterns on new, originalinterior pieces so you know they'll fit just like factory parts. Thefull line of matching interior components for '97-'04 Corvettes includesgauge bezels, center consoles, center console bezels, lower dash pads,instrument panel bezel grilles, door latch bezels, and all four dash airduct outlets. All are available in four patterns: teak, woodgrain,brushed aluminum, and carbon fiber. Info: Corvette America, (800)458-3475;

Covert Operations

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K40 Electronics has just introduced CALIBRE', the world's firstBluetooth-enabled, wireless remote radar and laser protection systemthat easily integrates into any vehicle to safeguard driving records andnew vehicle warranties. Bluetooth is a standard developed by aconsortium of leading electronics manufacturers that allows electronicdevices to connect and communicate with each other without wires,cables, or any user input. Approximately 17 vehicle manufacturerspresently offer Bluetooth as a factory installed feature, and it isestimated that 22 million vehicles will come equipped with Bluetooth by2008.

CALIBRE's Datadyne' processors deliver a significant increase insensitivity and consistency to all police radar frequencies. And likeits highly acclaimed predecessor, the K40 Undetectable, CALIBRE remainsthe only remote radar system with a patented front and rear receiverdesign. Individual Bluetooth enabled receivers are strategically hiddenbehind the front grill and rear bumper for the fastest possible reactionto and warning of radar signals. When a valid signal is received, theverbal warning mode plays through an audio quality speaker to clearlyinform drivers of the exact police radar direction and band being used.

With its wireless network, CALIBRE eliminates dangling cords andobstructed windshield vision for a factory installed appearance. Theonly visible system components are brilliant blue light points mountedin the instrument panel to indicate radar threat direction. Thanks toits independent Bluetooth network, CALIBRE is the only installed radarsystem that doesn't require risky hole drilling through the firewall andtedious cable routing through confined spaces. As a result, CALIBRE notonly protects drivers from speeding tickets, but it also protects avehicle's complex electronic system and warranty.

To offer consumers the same warranty coverage provided by vehiclemanufacturers, K40 will pay for any and all CALIBRE repairs orreplacement for three years from purchase date. K40 also offers aperformance guarantee with CALIBRE that is unmatched in the radardetector industry. If a CALIBRE owner receives any radar speedingtickets during the first year of ownership, K40 will pay the cost ofeach fine.

Drivers seeking protection from deadly accurate police laser guns canadd the optional Bluetooth enabled Laser Defuser. This test provenanti-laser component seamlessly integrates with CALIBRE to maintain avehicle's integrity and warranty.

Whether drivers are seeking a front only remote system or the 360-degreeprotection of the only front and rear remote radar system available,CALIBRE is available in four models to meet every driving need.Suggested retail installed prices range from $899.95 for the CALIBRESL-P Single Remote Radar to $1,699.95 for the CALIBRE DL Dual RemoteRadar. The LD5500 BT Laser Defuser retails for $318.95. Info: K40, (800)323-6768;

Exhaust Me Quickly

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SLP Performance Parts now has available an all-new stainless steel,cat-back PowerFlo exhaust system for the '05-'06 C6 Corvette. It wasdeveloped and dyno-tested by their engineers to create the mosthorsepower possible with no droning inside the cabin. It features fourcast-aluminum tips and a hand-polished PowerFlo muffler for thatmusclecar rumble. The system also features 304 stainless steelconstruction, a limited lifetime warranty, is 50-state emission legal,and all necessary hardware and instructions are included. Systeminstallation is easy since the factory hangers are utilized. For provenperformance, up to 10 extra horsepower and that powerful musclecarsound, this exhaust system could be the answer. Info: SLP PerformanceParts, (732) 349-2109;

Just Race Me

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The just-released ZEX Race EFI Nitrous System now incorporates severalnitrous technology breakthroughs, making it the perfect choice forserious race applications. One such patent-worthy advancement is ZEX'sFuel Shear technology, which injects the enrichment fuel directly intothe center of the nitrous plume yielding total and even fuelatomization.

As with every ZEX nitrous system, the new Race EFI System includes thetuning and safety feature that has revolutionized the nitrous industry:Active Fuel Control. Fuel enrichment is automatically adjusted inaccordance with bottle pressure, so tune-ups stay dead-on despite bottlepressure fluctuation. In addition, the Race EFI Nitrous System alsoutilizes a patented electronic TPS switch for perfect system activationat wide-open throttle. Tunable from 100 to 250 hp, the new ZEX Race EFINitrous System is compatible with any fuel-injected engine. Info: ZEX,(888) 817-1008;

Standing By

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Protecting and safely transporting your carefully assembled engine canpresent a challenge. Powerhouse Products has answered the call withthree new heavy-duty engine storage stands. Manufactured of durable,heavy-gauge steel and powdercoated for great looks, these new standscould be the solution to all your engine storage needs.

These new stands come in three engine-specific sizes to fit both thesmall- and big-block Chevrolet, as well as the Ford small-block andChrysler small-block engines. Each stand features easy-to-attachadjustable mounting arms to ensure the engine remains upright in thecradle. These high quality, finely crafted steel stands make movingengines around the shop easy, unlike other flimsy engine cradles whichoften collapse when moved. Info: Powerhouse Products, (800) 872-7223;




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