Dream Drive No. 2 Part IV

The First 2006 Z06: The Final Chapter

Alan Colvin Nov 10, 2005 0 Comment(s)
Corp_0510_dream_01_z 2/31

The body has been married to the frame, the brakes are on, andeverything is looking good.

This month, we finish up our series on walking the line with the first2006 Z06 being built at the Corvette Assembly Plant. Over the last fourmonths, we've documented the complete build of this historic Corvette,beginning with the frame and following the car through the assemblyplant. The body was pulled offline at least twice to make sure thisvehicle was up to snuff.

Last month, we went to the drivetrain assembly line and prepared todocument the assembly and where it was eventually married to the body.This is the final chapter of the build. Follow along and watch the carfinally come off the line. We want to thank everyone involved in makingthis special covert operation a success. Let's do it again sometime.

*Watch for an upcoming bonus gallery with extra pics froom our trip down the line with te first 2006 Corvette Z06!



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