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The Harvey-Bailey '68 Chevrolet L89 Corvette

Kevin Shaw Jul 1, 2005 0 Comment(s)

"The car then had an extensive mechanical overhaul and race preparation and is now running and ready for final preparation for Vintage racing in the United States, or FIA-approved Historic racing in Europe. It runs the same 1967 942 427 engine block that was air-freighted to England by Dick Guldstrand on January 19, 1973 to replace the original that Rhoddy blew up, and is topped with the 074 aluminium heads. The airway bill and documentation are still in the file.

"The motor was rebuilt by Racing Parts & Machine in Baltimore and was dynamometer tested on February 23, 2004. Peak power output is 543 hp at 6,100 rpm and maximum torque is 510 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm. The original matching-numbers Muncie M21 close-ratio four-speed transmission also has been rebuilt. New Minilite wheels were specially imported from the original manufacturer in Devon, England, since the originals were considered unsafe due to their age.

"A four-page illustrated article about the car, its purchase, trans-Atlantic flight, and subsequent race success appeared in the June-July 1973 issue of Corvette News. Mailed by GM to tens of thousands of owners, this magazine put the car firmly into the national Corvette conscience. In the text of that article, the car is spiced up to be an L88, but it always was an L89; the tank sticker is with the car as proof.

"The car is complete with its original gas-tank buildsheet, showing L89 ALUM CYL HEAD EQUIP on the second line, F41 SPEC-PUR SUSPENSION on the 10th, and L71 435hp TURBO-JET V8 on the 12th. The L89 was, of course, an L71 with aluminium heads. The recorded mileage is 4,541, which is believed to be correct, though it cannot be certified because of the racing history.

"Hopefully this unique race car, off the track for more than 30 years, will now find a new owner and be racing again on American circuits this year."


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