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1959 Chevrolet Corvette Crown Sapphire - Coach's Choice

Gene Marotta's Highly Talented '59 Corvette

Cam Benty Jun 1, 2005
Corp_0506_01_z 1959_chevrolet_corvette Front_right_view 2/1

Bill Parcells is one of the most highly regarded coaches ever to run an NFL football team, and in order to be able to coach a winning team, he has to have an eye for talent. While most of the time that eye is centered on unusually talented running backs and linemen, Parcells also has a personal affection for Corvettes. Back in 1994, Coach Parcells spotted Gene Marotta's amazing '59 Crown Sapphire and selected his car as the Corvette of the Decade. But Parcells isn't the only expert with an eye for beauty; John Katz selected the unique Corvette for the cover of his book Corvette, An American Classic.

Gene purchased the '59 convertible in 1985 in Staten Island, New York. The car was in pristine shape and had never been hit, according to Gene. One of only 888 cars painted the unusual color (only 9,670 cars were built that year), the '59 was also equipped with a number of high-end options including the dual-carb 270hp 283, a four-speed T10 transmission, white coving, and a 4.11:1 Posi-traction rear axle.

To restore the '59 to perfect condition, Gene enlisted the help of Mario Deshavi of Jackson, New Jersey. After a year of hard work and research to ensure the car was a top-notch and correct restoration, Gene returned to the driver seat and hasn't released his grip on the original turquoise steering wheel since. A multiple car-show winner, his Corvette is clearly an impressive time machine back to the era of early Corvette history.

No small wonder that Parcells was so impressed. But we figure the Big Tuna might have to lose a few pounds before Gene lets him take a seat in the perfectly restored driver seat. Hey, you have to draw the line somewhere.

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