First Come, First Served

There is no law saying that a street bruiser like this '66 can't look good while crushing clichs.

Alan Colvin Jan 30, 2007 0 Comment(s)

This Corvette had to be different, so Randy continued the search. At the PRI show in Columbus, he found a set of Centerlines that fit the bill; he would have to wait, though, as they were not yet in production. After the wheels showed up, Randy still wasn't satisfied, so he taped them up, painted them black, and hand-fabricated his own dust covers. Each spoke on the wheels now has a raised area in the center that simulates the same shape as the tops of the fenders. We have to agree, the wheels make this Corvette quite unique.

Randy continues, "With the wheels done and the car painted, it was time to drive. The first trip down the road was great. With my brother on board, we got many thumbs-up and the adrenaline was really flowing. When I returned home, I turned into the driveway and the front tire rubbed the fender and cracked the lip. My brother lost it, thinking about all the time and effort we spent getting the body perfect, and now there was a crack in the fender. After about 10 minutes, I explained to him the Corvette now had its first 'road rash' and we didn't have to worry about messing up the paint anymore. Now it's time to drive it and have fun--and we do!"

Hey Randy, can we tag along next time?




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