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1957 Chevrolet Corvette - By The Numbers

Dave Sullivan's '57 Corvette

Alan Colvin May 1, 2005
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General InformationYear: 1957Make: ChevroletSeries: E Model: CorvetteEngine: 283ciorsepower: 270Transmission: Four-speed Borg-Warner T10Engine-code suffix: EG

BlockCasting No.: 3731548Main: Two-bolt

Cylinder HeadCasting No.: 3740997Intake/Exhaust Valve Size: 1.72/1.50Combustion Chamber: 55.6685

Intake Manifold (Aluminum)Casting No.: 3739653Carb Type: 2x4bbl Carter WCFB

CarburetorCarter List No.: 2613 S front/2614 S rearGM Part No.: 3741089Air Horn Casting No.: 6-1299 (both carbs)Main Body Casting No.: 0-049, 0-1049

Exhaust ManifoldsCasting (Lefthand) No.: 3733985 Casting (Righthand) No.: 3733976

DistributorStamping No.: 1110891Engine/HP/: 283/270hpHousing: Cast-iron bowlPoint: DualNotes: No vacuum advance, standpipe oiler

Alternator1102043, 30-amp, std., tach drive

TransmissionFour-Speed Close-Ratio Borg-WarnerMaincase: Cast-ironTailhousing: AluminumType: SynchromeshGear RatiosFirst: 2.21:1Second: 1.66:1Third: 1.31:1Fourth: DirectReverse: 2.25:1Maincase No.: T10-1Tailhousing No.: T10-7Side Cover No.: T10-148Special Information: Became available in May 1957

'57 Rear AxlesThe numbers following the letter prefix designate the calendar month and day that axle was produced. From the '55 through '62 model years the calendar month was designated by a one-number code from January (1) through September (9). The October through December codes were designated as 10 to 12 respectively. Beginning with the '63 model year, all month designations begin with a zero, so the January date code would show "01" instead of "1" as in previous years.

Plant CodesG = Detroit Gear & AxleExample: AE-409AE = 3.36:1 axle assembly for Powerglide Corvette built at Detroit Gear & Axle4 = Month: April09 = Day: 9th day

*These rear axles were part of number 684 option code released approximately 3/1/57 that included heavy-duty brakes and suspensions.

From Corvette By The Numbers by Alan Colvin, published in 2002, used with permission of Robert Bentley Publishers.

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