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Corvette Ads v2.0 CD-ROM Review

The marketing of America's sports car

Tom Benford May 3, 2005

Advertising has always played a big part in the marketing and salessuccess of the Corvette, and this CD-ROM chronicles it all. CorvetteAds, The Marketing of America's Sportscar v2.0 is a collection of nearly400 nostalgic ads that captured the hearts of the American drivingpublic. Running under the Windows 95, 98, ME, or XP operating systems,the software installs easily and gives you a choice of running theprogram from the CD-ROM or copying the advertisements to your harddrive. An easy-to-use removal utility is also included should you electthe latter and decide to erase the ads from your hard drive later.

Corvette Ads, The Marketing of America's Sportscar v2.0 is anotherCD-ROM officially licensed by GM about the Corvette by Hi-Tech Software,which also produces The Corvette Anthology 2005 CD-ROM. With this disc,you can take a nostalgic journey back to the beginning of the Corvetteand see the very first Corvette ad as it appeared in a local newspaperin 1953. From that first ad, you can follow the evolution of America'sfirst and favorite sports car up to the latest incredible Z06 super carsand see how the advertising pitches, marketing strategies, trends, andtimes changed along the way.

The program allows you to print any of the advertisements or copy themto your Windows clipboard. You can also view and print a list of theCorvette ads that includes the year, catch line (or title), size, andwhether it was color or black and white when originally published.

Corvette Ads, The Marketing of America's Sportscar v2.0 is the largestselection of Corvette ads available anywhere. The disc retails for$9.95, and it will fascinate you for hours. We highly recommend it as areference of the Corvette's marketing.


Cover shot of the CD-ROM jewel case

The program's user interface is simple and straightforward. In additionto advertisement selections for each year, you can also choose whetheryou want to see Corvette-only ads, or ads with Corvairs, Camaros, orother GM vehicles.

When you click on a Year button, you can leaf through more than a dozenads placed by Chevrolet that year. Click on the ad or the wide or zoombuttons to expand the ad for fuller viewing.

Bonus sections include ZR-1, AC, and related feature advertisements withCorvettes to market other products as well.


Hi-Tech Software
Hardyston, NJ



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