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2001 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe - Corvette Wake-Up Call

Time Is Of The Essence

Jerry Heasley Apr 1, 2005
Corp_0504_01_z 2001_chevrolet_corvette_coupe Front_view 2/1

At 51, Joe Carlozo is a Corvette newbie. He's one of the unknown numbers of suffering car people who, for one reason or another, held off buying a Corvette. "Basically, since the time I was a little kid, I always wanted a Corvette. I graduated from college in 1974 and can remember, not too many years after, being 25 years old and thinking how neat it would be to have one. I think the sticker prices were about 13 grand then." Every year, the prices went up. Lack of practicality was his excuse not to buy. Corvettes weren't "everyday" drivers, they were weekend or summer cars.

Joe now has his own CPA practice as a certified public accountant. In 2002, he had just finished tax season, the time of year he works a grueling 12 to 15 hours a day. "At that time, I was 49 years old. I went to the Web site, and they were just starting to advertise the 50th Anniversary Corvette." Joe was approaching the same birthday, his own 50th. We all know about the midlife crisis-Joe's was more like a wake-up call. The voice on the other end of the line whispered, "Time to buy your dream Corvette."

He first ordered a brand-new 50th Anniversary. Later, he gave up the '04 order and instead purchased a low-mileage '01 coupe, black with the red interior he'd always wanted. The one modification on the car at that time was a set of chrome wheels.

Bud Robertson, a member of the Lone Star Corvette Club, sold the '01 coupe to Joe. Bud lives in Texas and Joe lives in Maryland, so Joe made the deal long distance, networking with pictures and trust. Bud drove the car 1,500 miles north to deliver it to Joe, and during the process the two became good friends. Eventually, Joe and his wife Sue flew to Dallas to attend the Lone Star Corvette Club's big event at Texas Motor Speedway. Bud invited them to be members, and they joined immediately. "We didn't drive our car down. But, I'm in this Corvette with Bud, going 110 mph around the Speedway. I mean, this is like a dream." We couldn't help asking Joe what he would have been doing that weekend had he not bought a Corvette. He thought a minute and laughed, "I'd be doing tax returns."

Joe spent two years getting his '02 into the shape you see here.Initially, he wanted to get his dream Corvette looking just right. He started with a custom interior by Ken King of Vette Essentials. Then he replaced the stock hood with a Motor City carbon-fiber hood accented with red stripes. Ken King carried the Ronal wheels, and Joe decided that Gloss Black with Torch Red accents was just the right wheel-color combination for his '02. He crafted the engine bay with a black, red, and chrome theme for various covers, such as the battery box and fuel rails. Like most C5 drivers, Joe also wanted more performance, so he added a set of Corsa exhausts and a Black Wing high-performance air filter.

"I have loved cars all these years. I just was never into a car like a hobby. My wife and I went to the Detroit Auto Show last year and saw the unveiling of the sixth-generation Corvette. We never in a million years would have done something like that. Never. We eventually went to the Corvette Museum, to the assembly plant, and to the C5 Birthday Bash." Owning a Corvette has its rewards. You become part of a huge community. With the Corvette he discovered an entire hobby, full of people.

So, was the Corvette the solution to a lifelong dream? Joe thinks so. He points to the many people he and Sue have met. When their 10th wedding anniversary was coming up, Joe ordered a yellow '03 Corvette for her. Then he wrote a letter to Dave Hill, chief Corvette engineer. "I asked Dave if he would hand the keys to Sue at the Birthday Bash. He responded with a yes. Sue thought she was going for a tour of the Museum with everybody else. When she spotted Dave Hill, she kept poking Joe, saying 'It's Dave Hill. It's Dave Hill.' " Joe laughs because four months earlier, she didn't know who he was. Hill didn't give away the surprise. He asked who the delivery was for, and the Museum official turned and said, "Sue Carlozo." Joe says, "Her jaw dropped when Hill handed her the keys. We have pictures."

Joe says he could kick himself for not buying a Corvette sooner, but he's thrilled to have one now.

Joe Carlozo's '01 Corvette CoupeExterior Modifications*Ronal wheels (18x9.5 front; 19x10 rear) with Michelin Pilot Sports tires (235/35-18 front and 295/30-19 rear). Wheels are gloss black with Torch Red accents and chrome outer ring*Wilwood cross-drilled and slotted rotors*C5 logo tire-stem caps*Splash guards, gloss black*Chrome fullsize front bumper and rear-hatch C5 logo*Chrome smaller-size C5 logo on B-pillar*Billet C5 badge on side markers*LED taillights, diamond-cut backup lamps with 1457 bulbs and diamond-cut side markers*Z06 screens front and Z06 functional brake ducts*PIAA foglamps*Billet LS1 emblems*Sylvania Silverstar 9006 & 9007 headlight bulbs*Screens: front brake duct, side vents, rear*Corsa Indy Pace exhaust with 311/42-inch Pro tips and X-pipe*Rocker rails, frame savers, and skid plates*Stainless steel front & rear "CORVETTE" letters*Hotchkis front & rear sway bars*Z06 calipers*GM DuraStop ceramic brake pads with Goodridge stainless steel brake lines*Stainless steel brake-pad cover*License-plate holder, gloss black*License-plate cover, clear*Turn-signal bar, gloss black*Corvette decal Torch Red stripes for hood*Windshield logo, "CORVETTE" in chrome reversed

Engine*Blackwing Hi-Performance air filter*Chrome engine accents*Various engine cover parts, gloss black*Battery cover, gloss black*C5 carbon-fiber power duct*Painted USA flag*Custom display plaque*Red hose kit

Interior*door sill with C5 logo*Billet HVAC knobs*Billet-aluminum speedometer/tach bezel*Billet-aluminum gas and dead pedals*Torch Red rear speaker grilles*Window valet*Hardwired V-1 radar detector*Integrated three-car garage-door opener in visor*Vette Essentials custom Torch Red & black interior (seat covers, brake boot, shifter boot and knob, steering wheel, armrests, travel pouches, door handles*Steering-wheel logo*Lloyds Super Bright Torch Red mats & cargo mat with black C5 emblem and black binding*Passenger airbag decals

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