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1967 Chevrolet Corvette - By The Numbers

Al Loeffler's '67 Corvette

Alan Colvin Apr 1, 2005
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General InformationYear: 1967Make: ChevroletModel: Corvette Model: '94Engine: 327ciHorsepower: 350Transmission: Four-speed MuncieEngine Code suffix: HP

BlockCasting No.: 3892657 or 3903352Main: Two-bolt

Cylinder HeadCasting No.: 3890462 or 3917291Intake/Exhaust Valve Size: 2.02/1.60Combustion Chamber: 63.995

Intake Manifold (Aluminum)Casting No.: 38904903890490Carb Type: 4bbl Holley

CarburetorHolley List No.: 3810GM Part No.: 3906631Carb Model No.: 4160Primary Metering Block Stamp: 4743

Exhaust ManifoldsCasting (Left Hand)No. 3846559 (non-AIR), No. 3872765 (AIR)Casting (Right Hand)No. 3747042 (non-AIR), No. 3872778 (AIR)

DistributorStamping No.: 1111196 Engine/HP: 327/350 hpHousing: Cast-iron external adjustmentPoint: SingleNotes: Tach Drive, Vacuum

Alternator1100693, 37 amp, Base unit1100696, 42 amp, Optional-All breakerless ignition1100750, 61 Amp, Optional-all A/C

TransmissionFour-Speed Close-Ratio Muncie M21Maincase: AluminumExtension Housing: AluminumType: Synchromesh, all forward gearsGear Ratios:First: 2.20:1 Second: 1.64:1 Third: 1.28:1 Fourth: Direct Reverse: 2.26:1Maincase Casting No.: 3885010Extension Housing Casting No.: 3857584Sidecover Casting No.: 3884685

'67 Rear AxlesAll '67 Corvette rear axles are stamped with an alphanumeric identification code. The seven-digit code contains the axle-code prefix, the month and day build code, an axle plant letter suffix code, and on Posi-traction axles, a letter code stamped below the axle code to provide source information.

On the '67 Corvette IRS rear suspension the differential code is stamped on the bottom of the differential carrier housing just forward of the rear-end cover. The axle code reads from left to right. The two-letter prefix designates the gear ratio and any other specific information about the axle. The calendar month is designated by a two-number code from January (01) through December (12).

Plant CodeW = Warren MI

Posi-traction CodeE = Eaton Posi-traction differentialExample: AL-04 09 WEAL = Axle Prefix: 3.08:1 Corvette 327 Posi-traction axle04 = Month: April09 = Day: 9th dayW = Assembly Plant: WarrenE = Posi-traction source: Eaton

From Corvette By The Numbers by Alan Colvin, published in 2002, used with permission of Robert Bentley Publishers.

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