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1967 Chevrolet Corvette - Y Not?

Peter Asacker Asks The Question

Cam Benty May 1, 2004
Corp_0405_01z 1967_chevrolet_corvette Red_convertible_coupe 2/1

It's good to have friends, and Peter Asacker knows this better than most. This amazing red '67 roadster is the first Corvette in his collection, which includes a long line of American musclecars ranging from a '68 Camaro SS, to a '66 Nova SS, a '70 Chevelle, a '67 GTX, and a 427ci-powered '55 Chevy. But the way this beautiful '67 arrived is one for the books.

Peter's cousin was a car collector in his own right, and had the '67 stored mile-high at his home in Colorado. But, with all of his other cars and increasing business demands, the cousin was putting few road miles on the stunning red '67.

Peter's interest in the car evolved during a phone call to his cousin. Jokingly, he mentioned he would gladly give the car a new home should his cousin decide he didn't need to house it anymore. Shockingly, his cousin thought it over and complied; he shipped the car to Peter in Massachusetts shortly thereafter. When it arrived at his home, it was the first time Peter laid eyes on the car. And, while his cousin was willing to give him the car as a present, Peter insisted on paying for it, which he did after some tactful telephone conversations.

The '67 features a host of great original equipment, including the all-important 427ci, 390hp engine that was rebuilt to stock configuration but bolstered by the addition of a Comp Cams 510-inch-lift, 268-degree-duration hydraulic camshaft and a PerTronix pointless ignition. During the five years Peter has owned the car, he's freshened and updated many of the internal components, making it reliable and beautiful.

Peter's red rocket is truly a driving machine, having logged over 139,000 miles during its life. To keep it on the road, he installed upgraded suspension components including a fiberglass monoleaf rear spring and gas shocks to soften the ride. The 3.36:1-ratio rear gearing is great for gas mileage, and the original bias-ply tires and bolt-on wheels were put in storage in favor of Peter's favorite Cragar S/S wheels and Uniroyal tires.

The interior retains much of the stock look, restored with new black carpeting and black leather seat covers with a Custom Autosound stereo head unit and speaker.

Peter's '67 is a hit with the locals and has been driven often during good weather to numerous Corvette events. We collected these images during his trip from New England to the '03 Corvettes at Carlisle. Expect more frequent-flyer miles for Peter and his family as they continue to traverse the United States.

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